Fish Thought Locally Extinct for Over 80 Years Found in Ohio River


Wildlife officials in Ohio said a rare fish believed to have been extinct in the state has been found in local waters for the first time since 1939.

The Ohio Division of Wildlife said in a Facebook post that two longhead darters were caught by fish management crews conducting electrofishing bass surveys in the Ohio River, marking the first time the species has been documented in Ohio in more than 80 years. More

23 Comments on Fish Thought Locally Extinct for Over 80 Years Found in Ohio River

  1. Funny how “wildlife biologists” are allow to electrofish for “surveys”…you or I did that we’d be in jail, the pick up confiscated, and anything else they deem theirs for the taking that wasn’t nailed down.

  2. All of you on the Ohio Valley River are fucked,this will be your Snail Darter or in the Northwest the Salmon, Or in California the Delta Smelt.
    2 Fish. 3 or 4 are left on the delta in California and they shut down all water rights and fishing.
    Do what it takes to kill them.
    Unless they can cure Covid.

  3. I think the thing got lost and thought “oh shit how did I end up back here” and then ZAP it’s getting messed with on a boat.

  4. Extinct is not the same as Extirpated. Locally Extinct but still known to exist elsewhere is called Extirpated. It should surprise no one when and Extirpated specie shows up again, given the strides we’ve made in the past 50 years to clean up our waters and eliminate barriers to their up-stream migrations. In Virginia, after the removal of the Fredericksburg damn, the Rappahannock and Rapidan Rivers now flow free from their head waters to the Atlantic Ocean. To no ones surprise, fish not seen in generations now spawn in their ancient spawning grounds.


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