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Fishing Tournament Leaders Caught Stuffing Catch with Weights

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An Ohio fisherman and his Pennsylvania teammate could be in hot water after being accused of cheating during a lucrative tournament on Lake Erie on Friday.

Jacob Runyan, of Cleveland, and Chase Cominsky, of Hermitage, Pa., were caught cheating at the season-ending event in the Lake Erie Walleye Trail series, according to a report in the Toledo Blade.

A graphic YouTube video appears to show the tournament director cutting into the pair’s catch and finding large lead weights, along with filets of other fish.

The pair, who have been accused of cheating in the past, are surrounded by other angry anglers in the video, which showed several weights and filets pulled from the fish. More

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  1. Those two cheaters will be looking over their shoulders for a long time. Tournament fishermen don’t like cheaters!

  2. I fished a tournament on Clear Lake about 12 years ago. Clear lake hold some monster bass. In fact the record for the heaviest 2 day total pro tournament use to be from Clear Lake. Nation wide. Anyway the way tournaments work, for the most part, is you can pre fish the water up to a week earl then the water is off limits. Well one of the teams had family members fishing the damn lake all week long, keeping the heavy fish in a live well, and then the night before the tournament ran out and zip tied the fish to a pole. The first day of the tournament our two cheats roll up close to the pole and would act like the just set the hook on a fish, roll up to the pole on their trolling motor and cut loose a fish. One of the tournament official was watching on binoculars. They let them weigh in and had the cops waiting. I have no idea what they charged them with.

  3. The salmon derby in Sarnia Ontario has nabbed fish stuffed with split shot and early catches. A huge no no like brad and joe say. there is big money for the honest fishers and huge legal and social dues to pay for cheating ass holes.

  4. I betcha they’re Democrats! The guy doing the cheating looked like he had sucked on some salmon eggs.

  5. Here’s a proposal for appropriate punishment:
    Stuff their own gut with a proportional amount of lead weights and throw them in the lake.
    Oh, also tie their shoe laces together and don’t allow them to swim to shore.

  6. Fishing Tournament leaders…..
    WOW, some low-lives would rather die than be honest, how pathetic, sure sounds like a shit-load of liberals to me.

  7. I steer clear of all tournaments where weight matters. Rock chuck Derbys are another one where weight matters. Cheaters gonna cheat.

    By the way, I caught a 5 feet long fish today. Tournament of one. I win.

  8. Looks like fishing for a living just ended for these guys.
    They can always learn to code. Dominion will hire them if they do. They have the resumes they’re looking for.

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