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Fitness Influencer ‘Liver King’ Admits to Steroid Use: ‘I Lied’


A fitness influencer whose signature was his ultra-ripped physique and videos of eating raw liver and bone marrow has now admitted that he used steroids to get his body, not his unusual diet and exercise routines.

Brian Johnson, who is known as the “Liver King” was outed by a Youtuber named Derek who showed what he claimed was proof that Liver King used thousands of dollars per month in steroids to keep up his physical condition.

As speculation mounted, Johnson finally admitted Wednesday that he is a steroid user.

Johnson admitted he “f*cked up” and “lied.”

9 Comments on Fitness Influencer ‘Liver King’ Admits to Steroid Use: ‘I Lied’

  1. LOL. -You fuck up when adding 2 tablespoons instead of 2 teaspoons of salt to the soup. You fuck up when you solder the gray and blue wire to the gray and violet wire.

    When you intentionally mislead and lie to people, and blame it on a “fuck up,” that is an attempt to dodge consequences for your explicit and purposeful self-serving interests and actions.

  2. Remember when you could go to jail for giving bad medical advice that could kill people?

    …guess THOSE days are gone forever…

  3. Liver’s the big new thing for building muscle. Rich in peptides. Which peptides themselves are rather new. Liver? No thanks. The guys still lying. He’s now claiming he’s doing 600 mg of testo a month. Those are below a lot of TRT levels. It’s tough growing muscle when you get older. Your nutrition, Testo levels, Nitrogen Levels all need to be up. And then you gotta work your ass off in the gym. You can take what ever supplements you want and they’ll get you no where with out knowing how to train hard and smart. I’ll give him credit for that.
    Also, TRT is not cheating. And it’s way to hard to get for us older guys and not covered by insurance. Right now the Biden administration is making TRT free to those who are “Trans”, but making it increasingly more difficult for us old guys that would appreciate living an active life style.


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