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Five Things To Be Thankful For On Thanksgiving


by PF Whalen

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, which means it’s a time for us to reflect on all that we’ve been blessed with and to thank God for those gifts. Our friends on the left would have us believe that the holiday is not a religious one, but clearly, that notion is absurd. If we’re not giving thanks to God, to our Creator, then whom, pray tell, would we be thanking?

First and foremost, we should all be thankful for life’s most important things: our health, our families, our jobs, and of course the food we eat. “Bless us oh Lord, and these Thy gifts, which we are about to receive.” But there are other items on which we should also reflect this year and give thanks. Here’s a list of just a few:

#1 – We live in the greatest country that God has ever created.

No matter how hard Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and the rest of the anti-American Democratic Party have tried – and will no doubt continue to try – they have not been, and will not be, able to destroy this great country: The United States of America. We enjoy the highest standard of living of any country in the world, bar none. We are a beacon of hope and freedom for the entire planet. And we still have, despite all the nonsense we’ve seen recently, the most potent military force the world has ever known. MORE

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  1. I have plenty of things to be thankful for, all 3 of my children are here and my 5 grandkids and the news yesterday that my oldest daughter is expecting her 3rd child next June or July. I am hosting Thanksgiving at my house tomorrow for the first time in many years and will help my daughters cook dinner tomorrow, it’s going to be a great day. My only wish is that my late wife could be here to meet all her grandkids. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

  2. geoff,I too have plenty to be thankful for. I’m my case I’m going to my son’s house for dinner. First time in years we haven’t worked our ass off doing dinner for 25 or so. I can’t believe how easy this is!



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