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  1. What would happen if we all in unison shouted eff Joe Biden and farted (as well as mooning him) in his general direction at the same time. Would he even be able to smell it because of his loaded Depends? And where’s Spike Jones (or Tom Lehrer) when we need him the most to write and sing a new anti Biden ditty like what he did for Hitler?

  2. Is that a bumper sticker? If not, it should be!

  3. @ Stirrin the FJB Pot OCTOBER 15, 2021 AT 2:03 PM

    Bumper sticker my ass, how long before I get my magnetic sign?

  4. That’s pretty funny. I’ll run this by my printer. I hope he’s still in business, I haven’t talked to him in nearly 2 years and he’s older than I am.


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