FL Gov. Rick Scott is calling on FBI Director Christopher A. Wray to resign

Breitbart: Florida Governor Rick Scott Calls on FBI Chief to Resign Over Missed Shooter Warnings.

Florida Governor Rick Scott is calling on FBI Director Christopher A. Wray to resign for the agency’s failure to take action over warnings that the Parkland school shooter was a powder keg waiting to go off.

“The FBI’s failure to take action against this killer is unacceptable,” Scott said in a statement released Friday afternoon on February 16. “The FBI has admitted that they were contacted last month by a person who called to inform them of Cruz’s ‘desire to kill people,’ and ‘the potential of him conducting a school shooting.’”

“Seventeen innocent people are dead and acknowledging a mistake isn’t going to cut it. An apology will never bring these 17 Floridians back to life or comfort the families who are in pain. The families will spend a lifetime wondering how this could happen, and an apology will never give them the answers they desperately need,” the statement continued.

Scott is alluding to reports that the FBI had been warned ahead of time that the Parkland school shooter was making troubling posts on social media.

According to reports, the Bureau was notified in September after a YouTube user named Nikolas Cruz left a comment about wanting to be a “professional school shooter.”

Robert Lasky, FBI Special Agent in Charge of the Miami field office, claimed that the warning didn’t contain enough information for the agency to track down the person making the comments.

But Gov. Scott says that the FBI’s failure to follow up on the tip has damaged the agency.

“We constantly promote ‘see something, say something,’ and a courageous person did just that to the FBI. And the FBI failed to act,” Scott concluded. “‘See something, say something’ is an incredibly important tool, and people must have confidence in the follow through from law enforcement. The FBI director needs to resign.”  MORE

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  1. Wait, the Anti Gun Sheriff was called out to this kids house 25 times in the last 2 years. What about the Sheriffs department?

  2. This should not be the FBI’s jurisdiction. I think the excuse for putting them in charge has to do with “terrorism”, but the definition has got to be arbitrary.

    The ONLY thing the federal government could have done is overturn all state and local laws infringing the rights of teachers, janitors and bus drivers to keep and bear arms.

  3. Has Comey tweeted his support for Chris Wray yet? Like he did when Wray supposedly threatened to quit ’cause Trump was hassling him? I guess Comey doesn’t want to draw attention to the major lapses on his own watch.

  4. If they can use this as the excuse to get rid of Wray, that’s alright by me! How this joker can say with a straight face to the congress that he does not see ANY political bias in the upper ranks of the FBI — right after firing McCabe — is ridiculous.

  5. Scott is showboating. No way in hell the info about the shooter made it up that high.

    Find the highest level employee that annotated the file “no worries” and fire that one.

  6. Even if the fbi had rec’d a credible report (and I’m not saying they didn’t) via their website, they would have simply referred that report to the local law. Ya know, the sheriff who let this turd skate 39 or so times. certainly uncle fed wouldn’t have investigated directly if for no other reason than jurisdiction. So had they acted appropriately, the outcome would have been the same likely, but the buck wouldn’t be on the fbi’s overstuffed desk at the moment.

  7. The FBI did visit a guy that runs a gun blog. The shooter posted he wanted to be a “Professional School Shooter” on his blog and the guy reported to his local FBI branch. They came to visit him, asked all kinds of questions and dropped it.
    As far as canning Wray, he just got there 6 or 7 months ago. Not enough to to assess and make changes in an origination that big. Particularly with all the fake Russian crap going on. At the end of the day there’s more blood on Hillary’s hands than anybodies.
    Got to through in with Lowell on this one. Total show boat move.

  8. I have felt the FBI was of no use for 25 years. wWhen the Stalinist exJarhead was made its head (Summer ’91) I knew it was worse than useless! It was Harmful! Nothing the last 17 years has disproved that the FBI is bad for America!

    Their #1 priority since ~8/91 has been to persecute conservatives. No time to worry about
    bad guys!

  9. ICYMI, law enforcement can’t arrest someone unless they break a law. A stupid post isn’t breaking a law.
    Mental Health officials, on the other hand…

  10. prediction: The families of the Florida tragedy will/should be compensated just like the 911 families…the FBI is liable on this one. Watch the law suits once the grieving is over.

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