Flake Stops Obstructing Trump Judicial Nominees


Arizona Senator Jeff Flake on Wednesday dropped his plan to obstruct President Trump’s judicial nominees after a symbolic Senate vote on tariffs.

In a narrowly divided Senate, Flake’s automatic no vote on appeals court nominees as a way to demand a vote on Trump’s tariff policies effectively stalled confirmations. While the Arizona senator picked circuit court nominees to use as leverage, he told the Arizona Republic he would not use that as a basis to hold up President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee. MORE

10 Comments on Flake Stops Obstructing Trump Judicial Nominees

  1. What a patriot that guy is.
    Here in Montana we have the porsine Jon Tester knobbing his way to previous election victories. Arizona, while populated with great Americans, sure seems to have a pathology for electing problematic senators.

  2. really enraged July 12, 2018 at 8:57 am

    A really good right hook probably would help that puke with his nose…

    I was thinking of something far worse than that, worse than the Maxine Waters way of doing things. More like a permanent solution. He’s going to be gone soon, Arizona is getting what they voted for. Maybe Flake will go the McCain way…..Trump’s curse lives on!

  3. Does the Flake truly believe that he won’t face a lot of flak every time he shows his crooked face in public for the rest of his life regardless of what he says or does now?
    That’s pretty funny. Yay first amendment rights.

  4. BFH should change the name of this site to the daily caller#2 since the first 4 stories are ALL linked to that loser site that FORCES you to pay to read their cut-n-paste story from some other source.

    Send them a message that FREE news is the only way to go on the interwebs by NOT linking to their site!

  5. Arizona made poor choices for both their Senators. The people of AZ are not being represented.

  6. “Nice gig you got there, lobbying for Cuba, Senator. Be a shame if a couple Executive rule changes wrecked that gravy train.

  7. Don’t you hate these jerks that announce their retirement and then hang around being a pest for another year or two?


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