flakka drug

Time: The Dangerous New Drug Sweeping Florida.

“On a scale of one to 10, Flakka is a 12,” Lt. Dan Zsido of the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office told 10 News Tampa Bay Sarasota. “It comes from a place where we don’t know how it’s being made, who’s making it, and what’s been added to it before it reaches the end user so it’s very dangerous.”

It can be even stronger than crystal meth or bath salts


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  1. Hopefully, it will cause the user’s head to melt while in the process of smoking it.

    “One, and done.”

  2. Jesus, I’m such a pussy avoiding Wonderland trips I could be taking with stuff like this-how fucking crazy do you have to be to ingest this shit?

    I’ll tell ya, after my 4th set of squats yesterday, I was winded and sat down-every heartbeat(and it was rapid) was so strong it seemed to change the shape of my eyeball! and I was getting these momentary distortions in my vision.

    Now that’s some heavy shit man!

  3. Ya know what?
    I really don’t GAF.
    If they want it and can get it, let them have it.
    “Resources” are being wasted on this human drek.

  4. @ Boobie
    IF ONLY Darwin would thin the herd of these dupes!
    Beach drunks are about my limit of idiots around here.

  5. Most of our drug problems would disappear if we stamped out the most dangerous, addictive, and deadly drug that exists on our streets today.
    Government aid.
    Government aid is the true gateway drug, enabling people to abuse any substance without repercussions and providing the funding to purchase them.

  6. don’t forget the millions of borachos muchachos driving drunken on the roads at night. can’t read or speak english. the only thing these glue sniffin’ cholos have learned is to wipe their asses ..
    running water is optional south of de’ border ..

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