‘Flaming bag of dog sh!t’


Inside the White House, President Trump’s aides could not believe their luck as three exceedingly self-assured law professors insisted that Trump deserved to be impeached.

Trump allies are considering how to weaponize footage of what they saw as cloying smugness from Harvard scholar Noah Feldman and Stanford law professor Pamela Karlan, backed by University of North Carolina law professor Michael Gerhardt. They say it was a pivotal moment in an investigation where the outcome seemed inevitable.

“I’m not sure who in the majority thought that Americans wanted to be lectured by three biased law professors,” said a White House official. “The Democrats are out of touch and have never understood what the American people see in President Trump, and that was on full display.”

“[White House] staff watching thought it was a win for the White House and that Republicans on the committee did a fantastic job, particularly selecting [Jonathan] Turley as their witness,” the White House official said.

How best to splice and broadcast the footage to pressure House Democrats is under discussion by Republican operatives. read more

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  1. @KevinR ~ it’s called the ‘overtone window’ … push it all the way to ’11’ today so when they bring up ’10’ tomorrow it won’t sound so crazy

    … when all the time we were talking about ‘0’

  2. Actually, I believe the phrase; “Flaming Bag Of Dog Shit” is much too kind and could possibly lead to misunderstandings from the liberal ASSWIPES that may happen upon that post.
    They could easily believe it to be a praiseworthy term.

  3. They are so full of themselves i’m surprised all four of their heads fit in that room.

    That turley fellow isnt the brightest bulb in the drawer either. He thinks Trump was far from perfect in that call. I was going to quote it but cant find the speech.

  4. found it…“[Trump’s] call was anything but ‘perfect’ and his reference to the Bidens was highly inappropriate”

  5. Anonymous
    DECEMBER 7, 2019 AT 12:01 AM
    “Why is Morbid obesity taking so long?”

    …Satan’s not done using him yet. Same reason we still have Hillary…


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