Flash Freeze To Hit The US Northeast


A blast of arctic air traveling across the U.S. is expected to hit the Northeast Sunday evening and Monday, freezing melted snow and causing extremely hazardous conditions in a number of states.

Meteorologists project frigid winds will “flash freeze” any water melted from the weekend’s massive snow storm that hit both the Midwest and Northeast U.S. over the weekend, causing hundreds of flight cancellations and delays.

Flash freezing occurs when above-freezing temperatures drop quickly and precipitously to below-freezing temperatures. MORE

7 Comments on Flash Freeze To Hit The US Northeast

  1. Globaloney Warming.

    See, one of the ironical infusions of the Whole Anthropogenic Globaloney Warming charade is that Globaloney Warming causes the World to freeze up … and stuff.
    All the heat slithers into the bottom of (either) the Indian or Pacific Ocean (depending upon what the narrative de jour is) and the rest of the World freezes so that the evil heat can reassert itself, like in June or July (in the Northern Hemisphere) and like, y’know, in December or January (in the Southern).
    There was actually a movie (surprise!) which explained all this (not really, but the actor-people acted all serious, and shit, about it – SO IT MUST BE TRUE!) and the world froze and the mexicans saved us and the black dude died.
    I seen it! There were, like, y’know, giant frozen vortexes that destroyed cities and stuff, and were all scary!
    I got all cold and thought about sending Al Gore some money but then there was some commercials and I had to pee so I forgot about Al Gore and thought about hemorrhoids and how faggots are just like normal people, and shit, and that all of us should marry a “person of color” cuz that’ll make the world all warmer and cozier.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. And that is why we don’t have alligators and poisonous snakes in Maine and why we can actually swim in our lakes and rivers!
    By Tues it’s supposed to be near 40.
    Hey, it’s winter. It always gets cold in winter in the Northeast.

  3. Got up at 4am to take a wiz and found the pipes in the crawl space had frozen at -5°, where is global warming when you need it? (Upstate NY reporting in)

  4. -13 here at 10AM, going up to -4.

    “Flash freezing occurs when above-freezing temperatures drop quickly and precipitously to below-freezing temperatures.”
    Is that going to be on the quiz?
    Are we going to have a quiz? Will it count?

  5. Ditto Perry. Mid-Atlantic by the bay here. Pipes frozen at 0600.

    But contrasted with the killing heat in South Texas, I’ll take it. I can always put on more clothes.

  6. It was -16 when I was driving to work in southwest Michigan this morning. Now it’s up to a balmy 8 degrees. Coldest temps we’ve seen in years. Global warming my ass.


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