Flashback— Who Still Has One?

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  1. If you’re a serious griller you have one, albeit probably a newer one, unless you have mastered the poking your fleshy part of your fist between the thumb and index finger method.

  2. Reminds me of my mom this awesome morning, as she as passed on about five years ago.

    She taught me how to cook, so I’ll be doing the gravy later!

    Fun one BFH.

  3. Heck yeah, meat thermometer. Use it to check if car thermostats are opening at the correct temp….when Mrs Galt isn’t to home.

  4. Tony R

    My stereo still has a Vacuum Tube Re-amp from VTL USA. (Vacuum Tube Logic)
    Pure Tube Analog!
    It smooths out the digital sound of DVD, CD, & Blue Ray and adds dimension & depth.
    and I don’t even have a Quartz watch!

  5. Easy Bake Oven Owner

    How do you cook now that they banned 100 watt light bulbs in most communist states?
    (I still have about 50 in reserve)

  6. Kcir, many years back I remember a radio that had a vacuum tube that had a green iridescent glow to it.

    I also remember an ipod player-amp, not too long ago that had tubes for the amplifier.
    Great sound from an ipod.
    Bizarre considering the digital source uses compressed data.

  7. LOL! Guess I’m old school. I used one of those meat thermometers every Thankgiving to check the turkey doneness, of course. Love it.
    It’s become a tradition. I’ve kept my meat thermometer like new for years. Still accurate!


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