FLASHBACK: Biden VP Pick Kamala Harris Says She Believes His Accusers

Dan Bongino:

After running nearly two weeks past the deadline he set for himself to announce his VP, Joe Biden announced today that Senator Kamala Harris would be his running mate.

Biden had made it clear that a woman would be his running mate, and other potential picks included YouTube expert Susan Rice,  Gretchen Whitmer, Tammy Duckworth, and Karen Bass. So in other words, as terrible a pick as Kamala is, it actually could’ve somehow been worse.


Harris does seem like an odd choice, especially considering the tense exchange she had with Biden on the debate stage over busing where she implied that he was a racist. And while she merely implied Biden was a racist, she was more definitive when it came to women accusing him of sexual misconduct.

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7 Comments on FLASHBACK: Biden VP Pick Kamala Harris Says She Believes His Accusers

  1. So the woman who likes to be sexually used to gain power, teams up with the guy who likes to used his power to sexually use people.

    That’s Karma.

  2. in the immortal words of ‘Big Daddy’ from ‘Cat On A Hot, Tin Roof’ …
    “sniff, sniff … you smell that? smells like ‘mendacity’ to me”

    ‘If it wasn’t for double standards, democrats would have no standards at all’ ~ Chris Plante

    btw, someone needs to start copying those UTube vids of Biden molesting pre-pubescent girls before they’re scrubbed

  3. During the Democrat debates, Kamala Harris stated that she believed Joe Biden’s accusers regarding accusations of sexual harassment against him. Now that she is Joe’s running mate all is forgiven. THAT SPEAKS VOLUMES ABOUT HER CONVICTIONS, ETHICS, AND MORALS. She is as slimy of a character as Joe is. Basically a true Democrat willing to whore herself for a shot at power. What is worse is that Democrat voters will also look the other way and vote for these two POS cretins.


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