Flashback- Did Jeff Sessions Once Slap Creepy Joe Biden’s Hand Away From His Granddaughter?

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24 Comments on Flashback- Did Jeff Sessions Once Slap Creepy Joe Biden’s Hand Away From His Granddaughter?

  1. Jeeze – when you see the same pattern of behavior over and over again it really creeps you out. In this day and age, unless he really is their “Uncle Joe”, it should be hands off!

  2. Biden should have been locked up years ago … super-creep

    the Secret Service had a code word for when he ran around naked in the VP Mansion … ‘Cobra…. Cobra’

    bravo to Sessions for protecting his granddaughter … much better than others that don’t mind a pedophile feeling up their daughters

  3. Disgusting! An example of how our govt. has become rotten to the core when socialists/real nazis (obama and the democrats) have the uuper hand. Rule of law and decency get tossed out.

    Biden is a great example of who he represents.

  4. Those children are unable to help themselves, even the oldest. Why arent they able to push him away?
    Societal expectations? “Politeness”? I remember that happening to a little girl eons ago, and the shame remained for decades.

  5. Notice this, when a Senator, or any one, is walking away from someone in a case like this, one would normally shake hands and say good bye. Not Jeff Sessions. No handshake. Nothing.
    What a fucking creep Biden must be. And the Senate and the Congress know it. Scumbags all. Remember the Book/Movie “Advice and Consent ” by Ted White. Worth watching. Scumbags all.

  6. Hillary had the dirt on him. So did Barky. Biden knows all about their gayness, too. The slime they have on each other is the glue that holds them together.

  7. President Trump is trying to clean up this Kakistocracy.
    Let’s help him. Write to these worms in the Senate and Congress.

  8. “, unless he really is their “Uncle Joe” ”
    – AbigailAdams

    No. Even real Uncle Joe would get his block knocked off if I saw him do these things.

    A family memeber is most likely the offender. They have the most access – trusted access they abuse.

    He is doing more than being affectionate or friendly.

    Look again at all the girls – they pull away – You can see it on their faces that they know it’s wrong.

    Only one of them in this video fell for his shtick.


    I’m wondering why the hell no one is calling him out on it. My dander is up. Mightily.

  9. seeing him do that just once wasnt so bad. You could excuse a person for doing that one time, but now we see ol’ joe the pervert mauling kid after kid. Sick bastard. And others know it but do nothing. Biden was the only one who could stomach being obombas bitch, probably just for access to foreign children during his trips abroad. The narrators right, wall them bitches up.

  10. What’s even creepier is this pervert is taken serious enough by the left that he would have been nominated as the Democrat’s presidential candidate if he ran for it.

  11. Here is my question, if these people know that Joe does this all the time, why don’t they do something about it besides scrambling to get away from him.

  12. @Gladys: Lighten up, Gladys. Making a pun on Joe Biden’s name is not the same as regarding child molestation as funny. You should know that. Besides, he didn’t actually molest her, just got a little touchy-feely. Most people I know have at least one family member like that, and some who are a lot worse. Until it can be proven that Biden’s an actual molester, you can’t call him that. So far he’s just a little creepy, and probably bears watching.

  13. I’d hit him so hard in his balls he would never find them again if he touched one of mine like that. Fucking perv. Evidently his whole family is.


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