FLASHBACK: Kurdish Forces Inexplicably Freed Hundreds of ISIS Terrorists in Syria Throughout 2017

These are our allies?

Ever since President Donald Trump made the announcement that he was removing troops from Northern Syria earlier this week, proponents of permanent military occupation of the Middle East in the GOP have been outraged. They have claimed we must stay in the region to help our allies, the Kurds.

“President Trump’s decision to withdraw U.S. forces from northern Syria is having sickening and predictable consequences,” said Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY), whose father was the architect of the disastrous Iraq War.

“The Kurds have been a great partner. … Turkey under Erdogan has not been. I’m concerned about what can happen next,” Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO) said. “A lot can happen in a hurry and we’ll just have to see what happens when we get back. I wish the president would reconsider.”

“It’s a terrible mistake. We’ll have to think of what options there are. I’m sure the Senate will, potentially, take some vote to disagree with that decision,” Sen. “Little” Marco Rubio (R-FL) said.

“This is worse than what Obama did. When Obama left Iraq, all hell broke loose. And if you think, Mr. President, ISIS is only a threat to Europe, you really don’t understand ISIS,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said on Thursday.

However, the facts show that the role the Kurds played in repelling ISIS has been greatly exaggerated by Washington D.C. warmongers.

The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) freed 83 “former” ISIS militants at the end of Ramadan in 2017. It was done as a gesture to promote Muslim solidarity between different Islamic radical factions.

Reuters reported on the startling development at the time:

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  1. America has fulfilled it’s tour in the Middle East for now, we’re done fighting for people that hate us but love our money.

  2. A motherjones article from before all this said there were kurds who were training antifa. That was before the left decided that the kurds were awesome when trump took us out of syria.

  3. There are no clear lines in these groups. Islamic Kurds, Christian Kurds, the Free Syrian Army, etc.

    Thank a fracker that we can extricate ourselves from the morass of their Hatfields and MCoys BS.

  4. The enemy of my enemy may be my friend, but once our mutual enemy has been destroyed (ISIS), I must re-evaluate who my friends and enemies are.

  5. New lying media report in relation to this issue :


    ABC news actually had the audacity to take a promotional video of a night time automatic weapons shoot that was posted by the Kentucky based Knob Creek gun range and front it as live coverage of an attack on American supported Kurds in Syria.
    This “attack video” was done to get sympathy for the Kurds and bash Trump. Only, it’s a hoax.

    On the upper right is the original promotional video posted by Knob Creek. In it, you can see people are recording it all on their cell phones. If you save this video, it will be in crystal clear 1080P.

    On the lower left in this video, you see that ABC cropped all the cell phones out of the video, and then used it as Syria coverage. All of this got expunged from Youtube, ABC, and the Wayback machine, but I already have it cached on the server so if this one disappears from streamable I’ll just post it again and serve it from here. If you ever wanted cold hard proof the news is fake, HERE IT IS. I wonder what Snopes will say about this!

    ABC: America’s Been Conned.
    Right click to save this video: “

  6. The source that verifies my previous post:

    ABC News caught red-handed using FAKE video to show Turkey bombing the Kurds [VIDEO]
    The Right ScoopOCT. 14, 2019 2:05 PM BY THE RIGHT SCOOP

    “ABC News has been caught red-handed using fake video footage to show Turkey bombing the Kurds in the border town of Tel Abiad. I turns out the video they used was from a gun range in Kentucky back in 2017:”

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