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FLASHBACK: Pentagon Caught Launching ‘Surveillance Balloons’ To Track And Spy On Americans In The Midwest (Not China)


10 months ago: Newly revealed actions by the Pentagon show that Big Brother is, in fact, watching us.

Despite privacy concerns raised by the South Dakota chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, the Pentagon has chosen to launch solar-powered balloons across six states on Friday. The Pentagon plans to use these balloons as a persistent monitoring system to track narcotics and Homeland Security concerns. According to a filing with the Federal Communications Commission, this is the case. On July 12th, the Federal Communications Commission approved the deployment of these balloons into high altitude. This is a special temporary authorization that is being used as an experiment.

In the states of Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Missouri, about two dozen balloons will be carrying radars that can track vehicles over a 25-square-mile area beneath them. They will be visible in the sky from July 12th until September 1st. They can travel up to 250 miles from their launch site and reach a maximum altitude of 65,000 feet above land. It’s unclear whether this is merely a test or a real-time probe. Furthermore, it is unknown exactly what information will be recorded, what will happen to the data collected during the event, and who will have custody of the data following the event. Information such as which vehicles are traveling where and when.

The South Dakota chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union is concerned that these surveillance balloons may infringe on people’s privacy. They demanded that the military be forthcoming about its plans in South Dakota. Their worry stems from the fact that this technology is capable of keeping data on public movements across entire cities. This is a form of widespread surveillance. The ACLU of South Dakota’s policy director, Libby Skarin, has some concerns.

Skarin stated, “There are so many unsolved questions here.” “What type of data is being collected?” What kind of data is being saved? What people have access to this data? Is the surveillance for the objectives of law enforcement? Before the federal government forces South Dakotans to area-wide surveillance, local communities should be consulted and given their agreement.” MORE

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  1. About 15 years ago there was one that was flown at the mouth of St. Clair river on the american side that was used to monitor Lake Huron supposedly. It was finally removed thanks to complaints by our Canadian friends and the Canadian legislators who didn’t like spy cameras across the river.
    This was pre Justine Turdough.

  2. the u.s. government and chicoms are in cahoots. There is no act small enough that the U.S. government doesn’t know about , from what you had for breakfast to how many times you went to the toilet today.

  3. If they want to track narcotics park the balloons on the border where they come in. They’re tracking conservatives and other potential trouble makers.

  4. IMHO our very own ‘government’ loves the idea of scaring Americans, instilling fear towards Americans and holding sway over all Americans….At any price.

    The ‘deep state’ is in a constant state of adolescent penile erection when considering having and maintaining control of the masses.

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