FLASHBACK: Weinstein Threatened A Charity When He Thought They Were Digging Into His Sex Life

DailyCaller: Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein threatened an AIDS charity years ago because he thought a lawyer affiliated with it was looking into the former studio executive’s sex life, according to an NBC News report.

NBC News obtained a document showing the recorded minutes of an October 2016 amfAR board meeting that reveal Weinstein exploding when he learned lawyer Tom Ajamie was looking into a deal between designer Kenneth Cole and himself.

“He called furious and said how dare you after 25 years, tens of millions I’ve raised, all I’ve done for amfAR, how dare you stick your lawyers on me to do what they’re doing,” the minutes read. The minutes are a summary of Cole’s comments on the situation.

The memo on the minutes added that Weinstein had gotten a letter about a lawyer “representing a famous nonprofit to investigate Harvey’s financial irregularities as well as his sex life. Harvey reiterated that it was inappropriate and slanderous and that he would personally investigate each person on the amfAR board and the committee,” according to the minutes.  more here

8 Comments on FLASHBACK: Weinstein Threatened A Charity When He Thought They Were Digging Into His Sex Life

  1. What! NBC is on Harvey Weinstein’s case now? How quickly the rodents turn on one another in the entertainment business. Not the news business, the fake news business.

  2. Interesting that NBC has now jumped on the Weinstein bandwagon now (especially after deep sixing a story about him and his ways years ago). I suspect you can now expect the other media to pile on as well thus proving that there’s no bias in our reporting. It’s beginning to look like old Harvey will be the sacrifice for the industry. I was sure wrong, I figured he was big enough to weather this storm but it looks like he’ll spend his life in Europe trading back scrubs with Polanski rembering the good old days.

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