Flat Debate For Jeb Puts Him in Bad Shape


17 Comments on Flat Debate For Jeb Puts Him in Bad Shape

  1. Horses asses fall to earth at the same rate and speed….the equine variety aren’t cross eyed and spew less manure on impact…

  2. time to lop off the 2 ends….Kasich & Paul……down to 8
    Huckabee & Christie had very good answers……next 2…..(btw, Christie would make an excellent Attorney General)

    good debate…..Cruz turned it around

  3. Just saw a badly designed Jeb! political ad and I never noticed before just how slumpy and narrow shouldered the guy is. Way to go Jeb! ad team!

  4. The sooner he’s out of the republican race the sooner he can get to stumping for Hillary. We all know how much the Bushes love the Clintons

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