Flip-flop Fauci: US Doesn’t Need Another Lockdown … Maybe, Perhaps, If…

New American: Our Dr. Anthony Fauci certainly is a well-rounded individual: He has enough positions for any 10 men, changing them like clothes a bit like Superman in the phone booth.

Perhaps this is why his latest comforting counsel, that Americans don’t need another COVID-19 lockdown “if,” isn’t really all that comforting after all.

The “if,” by the way, is if we embrace “five or six fundamental public health measures,” such as wearing masks and social distancing.

Making his comments Wednesday on Politico’s Pulse Check podcast, Dr. Asterisk (*Views subject to change without notice) told host Dan Diamond that there “seems to be a misperception that either you shut down completely and damage a lot of things — mental health, the economy, all kinds of things — or let it rip and do whatever you want.” more here

10 Comments on Flip-flop Fauci: US Doesn’t Need Another Lockdown … Maybe, Perhaps, If…

  1. Fire Fookin’ Flip Flop Fogey Fauci Forever! The clown is a national disgrace to real doctors everywhere!

  2. I wish he would stop taking that Plaquenil and claim his rightful place on the Covid Deaths list. It’s only justice for murdering the American economy and, along with it, thousands of American lives.

    Yeah, I said it.

  3. I sorta suspect that he’s getting mixed signals from his political masters.

    Soros may have hiccupped when he was barking his orders.
    HRC may have coughed to dislodge one of Huma’s pubic hairs from her throat.
    Joey’s maundering may have been a tad more confused.

    Communications are often difficult.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Rat in a maze with his main goal being looking for the biggest pile of cheese and be damned to all others.
    Every time the money pile is threatened before he can cash in, his story changes.

  5. Self-preservation ALWAYS comes before the greater good – especially when you have no Christian beliefs guiding your life.


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