10 Comments on FLIP-FLOP?

  1. Flip-flops are supposed to be worn at the beach. And Donald Trump is definitely a
    son of the beach.


  2. Maybe his thinking has “evolved” – like every time a socialist gets caught in a contrary position?

  3. “No Enemies on the Center-Right Side of the Left” should be adopted as the Republicrat’s motto.

    The Republicrats are similar to the ancient Greeks – so busy killing each other that they can hardly find time to fight the Persian invaders.

  4. And now he is finally telling the truth and it’s the Repugnant GOP’ers who are calling him mean spirited. All those old, entrenched, crony loving, putrid inducing, consultant enriching leaders of the GOP ‘can’t handle the truth’ when it turns around and bites them on their pathetic asses! Those jerkwads want amnesty and they want their very own sycophant candidate to get it for them-PERIOD!

  5. Whether he is flip flopping or evolving or anything else you want to call it, I’m happy to hear him making noise right now. I can’t imagine him being president but I’ll cheer him on for the next few months.

  6. He is driven by his own beliefs, so I applaud him for it.

    He may not be president, but maybe he can change the mindset of people who listen to rhetoric from politicians who are just trying to get elected.

    I don’t always agree with Trump, but until another politician gains some courage to stand up for conservative beliefs, then he’ll get my vote.

    Immigration is just one issue, a tough one for sure. It only seems to make sense to first and foremost, secure the border. Once that is accomplished, then we should consider the even tougher task of dealing with illegals.

    This country can’t even say the word illegals anymore without being harassed. Personally, I’m tired of hearing undocumented worker.

    I applaud the work of most of the Hispanic community. Most are law-abiding and cause no issues here in America. It doesn’t however change the fact that millions of people are here illegally, paying no taxes, using services designed to help downtrodden American Citizens.

    The welfare society in America is overwhelming our tax coffers. Let’s try and help the citizens who have paid into the system their whole lives and need assistance towards the end of their productive working years.

  7. Love him or hate him, at least he is keeping the illegal alien issue front and center, and that has to be driving the left and the rinos nuts.

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