Flipping Texas Blue? Texas Just Flipped Off the Left

That big blue crush that was coming to Texas has been delayed a bit.

In today’s primaries it seems the left just aren’t motivated to get the vote out because no one showed up at the polls. Well, not compared to the right.

Take a look –>

The left is just laying in wait. We’ll see. There’s going to be a blue tsunami swallowing up Texas in 2020.

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  1. Also interesting is the the republican primaries were blow-outs, still many more showed up to the polls. The Democratic primaries were closer. Historically, that they were closer would bring out a larger base.

    Only problem I see is that a runoff adds to more votes from said party in the general? Or is it just the opposite, with the losing run-off voters sitting home?

  2. One thing about conservative Christians is that we vote EVERY SINGLE ELECTION. I remember a few years ago when my wife was running locally a republican operative in our democratic town asked me how I have voted and how often I have voted since living in the town for the last 15 years. You see, it could be an issue for my wife. I told him my wife and I voted in every election. He actually checked and when I spoke to him next, he was very impressed. I told him, “Conservative Christians vote whenever given the chance, even when we know that we will probably lose. It’s not the ‘conservative’ that brings us to vote in each and every election, it’s the ‘Christian'”

  3. Total votes for statewide seats cast by republicans was approx. 1,500,000.
    Total votes cast for statewide seats by democrats was approx. 900,000.
    As of this posting.

  4. I was wondering if anyone else was going to notice those numbers. Drudge has had that blue Texas gif up for 48 hours now, promoting all the MSM hopey changey articles claiming a rising blue tide here in Texas. Didn’t happen…

    Of course it doesn’t pay to sit on your heels. This was just the primary, it’s November when we need to put points on the board! Both here in Texas and your home state!

  5. I didn’t watch any MSM News last evening, all day long I saw these sites claiming the Dems were gonna out poll the Republicans in TX primary. Even when most of the top positions didn’t have a R challenge. So I figured the MSM would be playing up some sort of ‘Blue Wave’ going on in TX. More like a ‘Blue Toilet Bowl’ flushing.

  6. In my county 17.4% turnout. Very small percentage decides who wins. And we did not get rid of George P. Bush in the primary but I will never vote Democrat to defeat him in the general election.

  7. The ONLY news about Texas and the election this morning was all about how good the turnout for the dems was.

    Funny, that. And they wonder why their ratings have tanked so badly that the numbers from late ’17 will start looking good to them.

  8. When I voted, about 3:30 in the afternoon there were middling republicans and a steady stream of democrats. When my wife voted at the same polling place 3hrs later (after work) there was a 10 minute wait to check in at the republican table.


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