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Flippy, Sippy and Chippy

UK Daily Mail

Whether it’s creating perfectly cooked fries and burgers or pouring soda without any spills, robot chefs are venturing further into the $296 billion U.S. fast food industry amid a nationwide labor shortage.

Miso Robotics, a California-based company, built a kitchen bot called Flippy that was able to cook 300 burgers per day and then expanded into whipping up fries with the second version. 

The fast-casual chain Wing Zone in May inked a deal with Miso to install Flippy 2 into all future restaurant locations. Jack in the Box is deploying that same machine along with the company’s Sippy bot – which quickly pours, labels and seals beverage orders – this year with a goal of getting into 10 high-volume locations in 2023. More

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  1. This is great. I always have to pull forward because “we be waiting on the fries”, when delivered they’re cold or not fried at all. $15 an hour slackers have to go.

  2. Soon, a few of the bots will be deemed racist, as they counter-attack a group of feisty individuals in an Atlanta Waffle House.

  3. Will the robot be programmed to use it’s spatula to defend itself when a fat negro attempts to climb through the drive-thru window because they didn’t get extra ketchup?

  4. @ Loco
    They won’t be unionizing them, they’ll be taxing them for all the displaced workers. Well they’ll at least say the tax is for the x workers.
    Restaurants will save nothing.
    Order up.

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  6. There’s a vid of someone creating a MacDonald’s big mac from the ingredients list, minus the secret spices in the sauce because obviously no one has the secret spices. It’s like a madman’s science lab.

    A few ingredients used are not fit for human consumption and one ingredient he needed to use chemical gloves because you don’t want that crap on your skin, let alone in your body. Ask yourself why the bun springs back when you push it down.

    A pimply face teenager spitting on your food should be the least of your concerns compared to what’s in the food without biological waste. It’s no better with robots, and I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if ingredients are tweaked with more chemicals to help the robot.

    Gross. Just No.

  7. California law makers, once again over stepping their authority, are writing a bill banning any type of automation in fast food restaurants. Who do these morons think they are?


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