Flippy Takes Over The Grill

CaliBurger rolled out the first learning robot to flip burgers yesterday. From all appearances, the human-replacing machine that can “cook 150 burgers an hour” preformed flawlessly during its debut. More





24 Comments on Flippy Takes Over The Grill

  1. Continue to demand an increase in the minimum wage and be replaced…

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  2. Unlike Shameeka, Julia and metro-boy, Flippy isn’t late, isn’t absent, doesn’t want to leave early, doesn’t mouth off, doesn’t go to the restroom and blow chunks from doing too much heroin, and doesn’t have communicable diseases.

    Looks like a good fit.

  3. Soooooo these things cost about 60K.
    Based on flippin burgers for 12 hrs a day, year 1 costs about13.74/hr
    Year 5 costs about 2.74/hr
    Amortized out over five years ya got cheaper, faster, reliable and better –
    or Mo Betterer for those of yoos in South Chickago…

  4. Does he run out of cheeseburgers and french fries in the MIDDLE OF THE FREAKIN’ DAY, like the West Mifflin, PA McDonalds does?!?! 😡

    I mean, heaven forbid – the two foods you’re WORLD FAMOUS FOR, would actually BE available when you pull in the drive-thru, at 2 in the afternoon. 🙄

  5. The only real question is, how much maintenance will flippy require between shifts,
    Does flip you give notification if he is having internal problems?
    What will happen if flippy gives out in the middle of the shift?
    Even the most reliable equipment breaks down sooner or later.

  6. But will it spit in my burger or pick a dropped one up off the floor and continue frying it? Because that adds that “special something” and hepatitis, but mostly hepatitis.

    Two all-beef patties
    Special sauce – and I do mean SPECIAL
    on a gritty floor bun

  7. If they only developed a robot that could spit in your burger, they might just have something…

  8. Who’s making a joke of the Minimum Wage?

    Spongeborg Square Root!

    Who’s causing Community Activist rage?

    Spongeborg Square Root!

    If you want a burger with no attitude,

    Spongeborg Square Root!

    Then drop a few bucks on this little dude.

    Spongeborg Square Root!

  9. What happens when all the manual labor and menial and low IQ jobs are gone because the smowflakes want to protest or lay about and robots get them?

    We will have more social unrest. Buy ammo!

  10. They call him Flippy,
    Faster than lightning,
    No one, you see,
    Is faster than he
    etc, etc

  11. I’m just waiting for a Luddite rebellion where the SJW go place to place smashing robots because the machines are ‘stealing jobs’.

    Which is to say if I dropped 60k to have a better work environment I’d spend another $2,500 to get a PS90 to protect my investment.

  12. “CaliBurger, a chain known for serving burgers and fries California-style…”

    Which means what, exactly? Everything is served half-baked and over-taxed, with hordes of winos and hobos draped over every horizontal surface??

  13. How long before some Dem activist comes along and organizes a robot Union?
    With demands for more frequent maintenance, including full hydraulic fluid changes,
    not just top-offs.

    And of course, at least half of the machines will have to be painted black.


  14. My HAL 9000 computer flips great burgers and scrambled eggs. And unlike Windows or Apple, it doesn’t crash.


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