Flooding in Venice is Blamed On…..? You guessed it


The highest floods in decades have covered much of Italy’s City of Canals in water up to 6 feet deep.

The water washed over seawalls and ripped gondolas and other boats from their moorings, including three barges that sank, according to Italian news agency ANSA. Photos showed residents and tourists alike trudging through knee-deep floodwaters on Wednesday.

Heavy rains coinciding with a full moon brought high tides that were pushed onshore, the Associated Press reported. Venice is built among a system of canals and is susceptible to flooding, but sea level rise caused by climate change make it even more vulnerable.

The City of Venice posted on Facebook Tuesday morning that it had been “a long and dramatic night” as water levels rose to nearly 74 inches.

“These are the effects of climate change,” Mayor Luigi Brugnaro said on Twitter Tuesday as he surveyed the damage.

Some 85% of Venice is flooded, levels not seen since a historic inundation in 1966. Water surged inside St. Mark’s Basilica and other monuments and works of art were under threat. The mayor of the historic city has declared a state of emergency.


What caused the flood in 1966? Sea level rise caused by global warming?

Maybe everyone should drown and the city can be repopulated by non-morons?

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  1. The city has been slowly sinking into the muck it was built on for centuries now. But all of that should be dismissed from your memories because there’s a new cause and Greta Thunberg will explain it to you.
    The entire world is now being set straight by a scolding 15 year old.

  2. Because it floods every 20 years or so because it
    was built on low lying islands, swamp and fill
    because the invading Huns didn’t like fighting
    on water and the early Venetians wouldn’t get
    their heads cut off and piled into huge mounds.

  3. Here s modern day Italy:

    Youth Unemployment is very high.
    Italians start their working in their mid 20’s (+24)
    They Retire well before 60 and draw benefits.
    Taxes are very high so everyone barters goods.
    They are too lazy to pick their own crops or take care of their own aged so the “import” workers. (refugees) who go on benefits.
    The Banks are so weak that most Italians use the post office for money transactions etc. (seen it, don’t get it)
    Public workers don’t do their job unless you “Tip” them and are all on the take.
    Venice Italy smells a lot like Venice beach esp on a hot day.
    Italians (in Italy) work slower than shit at anything.
    Youth & mid aged raid their grandmothers pensions and benefits.

    They have become lazy & bloated as a society. That is why Venice is flooding.

    My family left Italy POST WW2 and all those relatives we left behind are useless, soft and lazy.

    Too lazy to maintain & upgrade their shitters PERIOD.

  4. Utter complete bullshit

    Our house is less than a mile away from Lake Pontchartrain. It’s wide and shallow, averaging 15-20 foot deep. When the wind blows from the south, the north shore floods and vice versa.

    It’s not so much storm surge like in hurricanes but “wind surge”. Wind Surge is exactly what causes Venice to flood periodically. So what, Big fuckin’ deal.


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