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Florida: Andrew Gillum (D) Concedes

WaEx: Andrew Gillum offered his second concession in the Florida governor’s race on Saturday, 10 days after his first.

The Democratic mayor of Tallahassee posted a live video on Facebook with his wife R. Jai, offering congratulations to his opponent, Republican governor-elect Rep. Ron DeSantis. more here

16 Comments on Florida: Andrew Gillum (D) Concedes

  1. He didn’t have to re-concede. Florida was holding him to his first concession. He lost, got truck loads of “missing” votes and gained +1.

  2. The real groovy thing about this is that the races the Silicon Valley Elites poured the majority of their money in, came up LOSERS.

  3. the problem with assholes like Gillum is they never go away completely, they return to haunt you again. Florida has two years to inform the public what a POS this guy is, so get to work.
    I think I’ll have another CC and coke now, maybe more.

  4. ANOTHER democrap loser.

    On the BRIGHT side, it pushes him to the forefront – with all the OTHER democrap losers – of the democrap field for President! 😳

  5. Guess ol Gollum gotz no po’tec-shun from dem Feds, now?
    You in a heap o trouble, boy.

    Best find that race card thas jus bout all used up!

    izlamo delenda est …


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