Florida: Anthony Sabatini Calls for GOP to Donate Their FTX Money to J6 Defendants – IOTW Report

Florida: Anthony Sabatini Calls for GOP to Donate Their FTX Money to J6 Defendants

National File: America First Floridian Anthony Sabatini is calling for all Republican Congressmen who took money from the corrupt FTX crypto exchange to donate the funds to the legal defenses of January 6th defendants, who are still languishing away pre-trial or serving out inflated sentences in third-world federal facilities.

Sabatini was among the conservative Republican candidates in 2022 targeted by Kevin McCarthy with FTX cash. Throughout the GOP’s primary process, McCarthy flooded races all over the country with money donated to his political machine by FTX crooks.

“It’s time for all Republican Congressmen that corruptly took money from @FTX_Official to fix the situation by donating those funds to the legal defense of the J6 defendants,” Sabatini posted to Twitter, writing in all caps.

“NOW” he added to the end of the tweet, echoing the lack of patience that most Americans have with the establishments of both political parties. MORE

5 Comments on Florida: Anthony Sabatini Calls for GOP to Donate Their FTX Money to J6 Defendants

  1. The first to donate should Be Kevin McCarty, all other RINOs should follow, including Mitch McCONnell, and Rona McDaniels.

    The Leftist RINO GOP are Corrupt as the democrats and Biden, if they don’t give up the ill gotten , illegal money.

    I suspect extremely few “May” do as they are asked.
    Money has corrupted the elected officials, all they care about is the next election in two years and the $Millions it takes to keep their seat.

    McCarthy, McCONnell and McDaniel’s control large purses and decide who gets saved and who loses. Corruption prevails !

  2. This is a Great Idea.

    I would like to nominate Anthony Scaramucci to go first.
    After all, he is responsible for ALL of this.
    He sure has been quiet lately.
    Last I heard he had to swallow a 45 Million Dollar write-off.
    That’s OK. He will land on his New York financial feet and get in with some new venture capitol group.
    I hear he still likes BitCoin.
    That’s good because there is so much left to eat.

    Anthony Scaramucci Forever Quote
    “I’m gonna LIQUIDATE a Party” – A. Scaramucci circa 2022 re FTX Sam Scam Bahama Mama Circus Circuit

  3. ADD to that, the Federal Election Commission is a toothless paper tiger and will not indict, intervene, prosecute or fine the corrupt.
    They too are part of the problem (that’s the way and why the democrat and republicans keep it that way.

    Whatever happened to all the BIG $$$$ Payouts to all those people that were sexually harassed by elected official and appointed officials??? Who (Name Names) did the harrassing? We should know, they used our tax dollars to pay the victims !!!

    Shouldn’t the GOP leadership “attempt” to bring Transparency, Integrity and Honor to Congress. Let’s what McCarthy and McCONnell.

    Or do we get all mouth and no action…..again?
    Show us that you are serious about the change from the democrats and Biden.

  4. Last sentence in my last comment, Para 3 SHOULD READ:
    Let’s see what McCarthy and McCONnell do.
    It’s their golden opportunity to stand Tall and do the right thing.

  5. Are the coins not worth a FRACTION of what they were per coin?

    “Here’s a Quarter, Call someone who cares.”

    And is the exchange FTX not the current equivalent of a pay phone?

    Good luck finding one on 2022 that isn’t an actual outhouse.


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