Florida Democrat Distributes Condoms with Her Photo to Celebrate ‘Come Out with Pride’

Breitbart: A Florida Democrat state representative who was once a Planned Parenthood regional director is distributing condoms with her photo on them to draw attention to Orlando’s LGBT “Come Out with Pride” event.

“It’s a fun way to talk about courageous discussions,” state Rep. Anna Eskamani told Orlando Weekly. “As a lawmaker, it should be one of our responsibilities, to break the stigma around sexuality and health.” more

24 Comments on Florida Democrat Distributes Condoms with Her Photo to Celebrate ‘Come Out with Pride’

  1. …it’s always about fucking, with Democrats…not sex, not procreation, not making love, just fucking…I suppose that’s just to distract from the fact that, what’s REALLY getting fucked…is US…

  2. …it should not surprise us that Democrats are using sex to bring us down…after all, that was the FIRST evil thing the Devil ever used to bring Man down, it’s STILL his FAVORITE tool, and since he’s the Democrat’s idol and mentor, here we are…

  3. I have no problem with that. If women insisted on using a condom PPP would be out of the abortion business overnight and if the gays went back to using condoms then AIDS (or HIV, whatever) spreading new infections would stop immediately. What you have left are the intravenous drug users and maybe if the first two could be done then clean needles and safe injection sites may become more palatable at least while they die off. Oh, you need draconian drug laws as well. Think of the lives you’d save as well as the money.

  4. As a lawmaker, it should be one of our responsibilities, to break the stigma around sexuality and health.

    I’d like to say “Reclassify this as a ‘Florida report’.” But I know the only hope is the day I can welcome our new, beardy overlords.

  5. Keep ’em ignorant, adolescent, broke and fu-king.

    It’s worked so far.

    What’ s next? – kamala Harris auctioning off blowjobs?

    This slut crap is Bill Clinton’s legacy.

  6. These asshats say there’s no room for climate deniers in this country, there’s no room for racists, etc.

    I say there is no room for queers in this country.

  7. So the condoms themselves actually have her picture in them???? Since these are aimed at the homosexual community, We can guess where here face will be shoved.

  8. All democrats should dispense condoms since they’re always trying to screw ‘WE’ the people.
    Check to see if the condoms are recycled.

  9. Anonymous OCTOBER 9, 2019 AT 3:01 PM

    “What’ s next? – kamala Harris auctioning off blowjobs?”

    …Madonna, the “singer”, already tried that with Hillary.

    Didn’t work.


    …but then, it’s Madonna. She was NEVER really that cute, age has not been kind to her, and she has ALL the crazy now in addition to looking like a social disease incubator, so most guys, apparently, uh, passed…


  10. …THESE are things you should think about when offered a condom by a Democrat:

    …From the FDA…

    “Novelty condoms will not say anything about either disease prevention or pregnancy prevention on the package. They are intended only for sexual stimulation, not protection.”


    …what is a Democrat other than a “novelty condom”? They are MUCH better at spreading diseases of the mind, body, and soul than PREVENTING them, and DEFINITELY stimulate their minions to do something stupid, and convince them the pleasure makes it all OK, and if someone gets pregnant, well, there’s always abortion…

    “Condoms which do not cover the entire penis are not labeled for disease prevention and should not be used for this purpose. For proper protection, a condom must unroll to cover the entire penis. This is another good reason to read the label carefully.”

    …if you’ve seen ANY coverage of the Democrat’s House lunacy, since you can see the FACES on Nader, Schiff, et.al., above their ill-fitting suits, that DEFINITELY qualifies as a ‘condom that does not cover the entire penis’. Although they may be getting at the wind-sock thing, well, THIS would qualify..


  11. jellybean
    OCTOBER 9, 2019 AT 3:29 PM

    “Check to see if the condoms are recycled.”

    …sadly, this actually happens…

    …from a Trojan™ Web site..


    Use a new condom for every sex act. Lesions, pre-ejaculate secretions, semen, vaginal secretions and blood can all transmit infectious organisms.”

    “Do not reuse condoms. Use a new condom for every sex act.”


    …they wouldn’t SAY it, if it never HAPPENED…


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