Florida: Democrat Party to return $780,000 in PPP money, after bipartisan backlash

Just The News: The Florida Democratic Party will reportedly return roughly $780,000 received under the federal government’s Paycheck Protection Program, following bipartisan backlash about accepting the money appearing unethical.

The group made the announcement Wednesday that it would return the money, a small business loan made available under the $670 billion Paycheck Protection Plan that Congress made passed this spring to help small businesses through the coronavirus pandemic, according to Politico. more

8 Comments on Florida: Democrat Party to return $780,000 in PPP money, after bipartisan backlash

  1. Trump’s re-election is in jeopardy, and no doubt the deep state is working night and day to stop him, however, Trump’s apparent willingness to let things take their own time looks like a miscalculation.

  2. The Democrat Party racketeers claimed they’re a ‘business.’ Heh.

    Well, they have a point. The United States is a corporation under the laws of the State of Delaware. But I guess it, too, is a just a racket.

  3. Trump needs to step up and put and end to this bullshit foot dragging.
    Demand the release of all documents and appoint one honest person to pursue charges against all those that Nunez and team indicated.

    Durham is going after second stringers and doing so with relatively light charges, it’s becoming a bad joke.
    We don’t have the luxury of waiting any longer, if serious prosecutions aren’t brought soon we’re done for.

    Who the fuck is advising Trump?

  4. Losers…..the Florida DEMocRAT Party, Robert DiNero, and the business owner that went on Creepy Uncle Joe’s video……

    All hate and loathe Trump45 and trashed him over his handling of Covid-1984……

    but they damn sure showed up and got PPP loans.


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