Florida department of health exposed for massively overreporting positive COVID-19 cases

There are significant discrepancies in America’s COVID-19 hotspot.

Orlando news station WOFL-TV has uncovered a major discrepancy in Florida’s coronavirus statistics.

According to WOFL, the Florida Department of Health has said that “countless” coronavirus testing sites across The Sunshine State have reported a near 100% positivity rate — which means every single person tested was positive— while other laboratories have reported extremely high positivity rates.

But reporters for WOFL reached out to many of those testing sites — and discovered the official figures do not reflect reality. more

11 Comments on Florida department of health exposed for massively overreporting positive COVID-19 cases

  1. You mean that Canadian news report of how Canada was doing so much better than the US, using Florida as an example, was wrong?

  2. Give a test to one carrot and it’s 100% positive. One goat — whatever.

    Then it’s 100% positive 🙂

  3. I have a hard time understanding why anyone would trust these tests. Myself personally will never be tested because I don’t trust them to not be getting my DNA matched with my name for some list, I don’t trust them to not be infecting me with something and the greatest reason is I think their tests are full of crap. Hell now people are signing up to be tested and decide to not wait and are getting calls and letters that they tested positive.

    It has been a funny day though, our Governor tested positive and national media, local media, keyboard warriors and masked sheep are blaming it on him eating out months ago. Of course the local media and leftists already threw little hissy fits about that months ago when it happened. At the same time they’re also blaming it on Trump’s rally.
    The local democrats are stomping their feet because he won’t mandate masks. His symptom was he felt achy. Shit the older I get the more often than not I feel achy.
    These damn mask nazis piss me off more by the day. I hope God forgives me but I read and listen to some of them and think how nice it will be when they get a bacterial lung infection from their dirty ass masks.

  4. This whole scamdemic has been one of distorted statistic and faulty predictions. Fortunately the Trump Administration has taken control of the data collections from the CDC so more accurate totals may be forthcoming.

  5. I had a patient in today who was scheduled for a procedure at the hospital. She was supposed to get tested. She changed her mind and decided to wait to have the procedure done, so she cancelled the test as well. A few hours after her cancelled test appointment someone called to tell her she tested positive.

  6. It’s political. A bid to sink the GOP convention in Jacksonville Aug 24 – 27.

    Every agitator, Communist, Marxist, trouble maker will descend on Florida. Every major city will have riots.

    I expect the convention will be moved to Trump’s Florida property.

  7. @ voyage. Where did you see the CDC story? A lefty friend posted that on Facebook and called trump a totalitarian. I didn’t even want to click on her post. I have never trusted the CDC especially when they got caught sending out COVID tests tainted with the COVID.

  8. Similar to “hate” crime hoaxes – you have to wonder why they lie about it.

    I know it’s just another seasonal flu, but just for the sake of argument, let’s pretend the dempanic is some kind of serious health risk.
    Why would the “experts” need to raise the numbers?
    If it’s really serious, it’s really serious.
    If it’s not really serious, then we’re being played.
    If we’re being played, for what reason?
    Cui bono?

    Who profits from crushing the economy and duping Americans into surrendering their freedoms and Liberties for a chimera?
    Probably the same people who advocate all kinds of totalitarian measures over our economy, our lives, our choices, our Freedoms, our Liberties, our 2nd Amendment, our Constitution, our speech, our religious practices, our business ownership, and over whatever else we may value.

    Hmmm … the mist clears a bit …

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. Must be the local Democrat Elections Supervisors overseeing the testing labs in those precincts.

  10. @Cynic, that would be hilarious if it wasn’t so frightening.

    A few weeks ago I pointed out to a Jewish neighbor that both sides of the political spectrum had reason to manipulate the CV19 data making it impossible to sort out the real data. . . that night on Facebook, she compared me to a Holocaust denier.


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