Florida Gov Signs Law Requiring Parental Consent Before Girls Can Get Abortions

DailyCaller: Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a law Tuesday requiring parents or legal guardians to consent before a minor can obtain an abortion.

The bill, SB 404, requires that a parent or guardian consent before a minor can obtain an abortion and increases penalties for abortion providers who refuse to comply with Florida’s requirement to care for babies born alive in botched abortions.

The pro-life law comes only a day after the United States Supreme Court ruled against a pro-life Louisiana law requiring that abortion doctors have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals.  MORE

10 Comments on Florida Gov Signs Law Requiring Parental Consent Before Girls Can Get Abortions

  1. Injunction in …3…2…
    Embildened by yesterday’s SCOTUS decision PP will challenge this immediately. F- you John Roberts.

  2. This is a good step…if it lives through the court challenges. Until we (“we”?) overturn that damned Roe v. Wade.

    I do like my governor DeSantis. He ain’t perfect, but he’s pretty good.

  3. May God bless the Governor. This government allowing children to kill their children has gone on for much to long.

  4. It’ll probably get overturned in short order but I like that our governor is pushing back.
    Where would Florida be if that repulsive closet homosexual deviant Andrew Gillium had won.

  5. A leftard judge will overturn it and we all know it.

    So where are the judges on the right to overturn things we don’t like?
    Nowhere to be found.

    Where were the republican judges who should have fired off injunctions against governors locking us in our houses?

    I have no regard for this country at all. It is lost and it’s never coming back. We are ruled over by the left, no matter who wins elections, and anybody with even an ounce of honesty in them has to admit it.

    Voting means nothing. Democrats run this country.


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