Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Goes to War With Colleges, Professors in Sweeping New Bill


The bill supposedly:

Prohibits State Board of Education and BOG from shielding students, staff, and faculty from certain speech; requires State Board of Education to conduct annual assessment on intellectual freedom & viewpoint diversity; creates a cause of action for recording or publication of certain video or audio recordings; revises provisions related to protected expressive activity, university student governments, & codes of conduct.

The bill ramps up the latest battle in the so-called “culture wars,” wars of words and laws fought over the future of our social affairs. The culture wars have been the new front where tough issues like race, equality, and LGBTQ issues have been hammered out in the fires of social media groups and political chambers across the country. And college campuses are seen largely by conservatives as the forefront of that battle.

As Forbes said, “There’s no denying that there’s a left-leaning bias on college campuses.” The real question then becomes why that’s so. And should there be a perfect fifty-fifty balance of political views? 


6 Comments on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Goes to War With Colleges, Professors in Sweeping New Bill

  1. No, there should NOT be a perfect 50-50 balance of political views, if for no other reason than there are more than two of them.

    What there SHOULD be is an absence of rules and regulations that favor any political view over any other. That plus constitutional open carry should solve most of the ideological conflicts in Florida’s educational institutions.

    BTW, good work, Governor!

  2. In other Florida and DeSantis good news, our Governor signed SB 1128/HB 919 which tells the state’s cities they

    may not enact or enforce a resolution, ordinance, rule, code, policy, or take any action that restricts or prohibits or has the effect of restricting or prohibiting the types or fuel sources of energy production.

  3. ^^^ I agree with Uncle Al. Colleges/universities are supposed to be places of open thinking, tolerance, and debate. Does that sound like what they really are to you? Me neither. It’s good to see the pushback by Governor DeSantis. They have long been indoctrination camps for the left but have gotten worse and worse. Adding insult to injury, taxpayers pay for that nonsense. Young people can make a lot of money in the trades. Their parents and them need to take a serious look at that before automatically deciding to go to college route.

  4. He needs to start shit canning some of the professors that abuse conservative students. Making them accept the teachers bullshit political vomit or risk failing grades. Withhold any state funding when there is any hint of bias.
    Lets see how they like the same shit they’ve been slinging back at them.

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