Florida Gun Retailer: ‘Everything was literally sold out’

Record-Setting Gun Sales Could Leave Stores Dry.

WFB- Gun sales once again set a new record for the month of June, but some retailers are reporting that the rush on guns and ammunition has drained their stock nearly dry.

An analysis of background check numbers by industry analyst Small Arms Analytics & Forecasting released on Wednesday indicates that more than 2.3 million guns were sold in the United States during June. That’s an increase of more than 145.3 percent over June 2019. It’s also up from the 1.7 million estimated to have been sold in May, the 1.8 million in April, and just shy of the all-time monthly record of 2.5 million set back in March.

There have now been an estimated 8.3 million firearms sold in the United States since March—a record-setting pace likely to make 2020 the greatest year for gun sales in American history if the trend continues.

Gun and ammunition retailers are having trouble keeping up with the demand as Americans flood stores. MORE

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  1. Gosh, I wish I could have seen this coming. Maybe there’s still an old revolver in Grandpa’s sock drawer.

  2. Heh, Palmetto State Armory here in Columbia SC is pretty much out of every popular firearm on their site. Hope everyone has lots of ammo too. Can’t use one w/o the other…

  3. Try and buy Airgun pellets.
    They have been hard to come by for a month now. We use mostly RWS, JSB & H&N and ya don’t get them from Walmart. But we shoot Crossman HP and Piranha in our P1 pistols and they shoot well and are cheap.

    The clerk at Walmart told me that people were buying them because they can’t get 22 ammo. They have been sold out of air guns for weeks.

    I have a case of CCI Mini Mag HP in the back of the truck for the kids to shoot gophers with in Montana. My cousin told me he could sell it for a grand ($40/100 round box) and it would take him a half hour to have it all gone.

  4. The Airgun big players are still good, but all of the Sportsman’s Warehouse, Cabela’s etc have been having trouble maintaining stock.

    My buddy and I just got an order for about 25 tins from Airguns of Arizona and threw in Crossman that we usually pick up at Walmart.

    It seems crazy that people are buying airguns to protect themselves and their homes, the clerk at Walmart said they cannot keep baseball bats in stock either.

  5. Is the gun industry making contributions to left wing politicians and liberal media? If not, they should be.

    These folks are claiming that the mobs are nothing more than peaceful protestors – yet they show pictures of people being assaulted, buildings being vandalized and burned, drivers having their cars damaged while they are still in them, armed blm and antifa running around, and the police standing by after being ordered to stand down. Seattle allowed a portion of their city to be occupied. Left wing nuts are calling for the defunding or abolition of police departments. And now people are wondering why gun and ammo sales are through the roof?

    Water is wet. Our best forecast is light during the day and darkness at night. Citizens have a right to expect that their taxpayer funded police will provide protection to them; yet many of our intrepid politicians are intent on gutting that social contract. The surprising thing is not that gun and ammo sales are way up, but that law abiding citizens have not yet been fed up enough to start blasting violent mobs.

  6. OutDoorJoe,
    Awesome! No matter what happens, that is a collector’s piece.

  7. “It seems crazy that people are buying airguns to protect themselves and their homes, …. ”

    I like to use airguns (handguns that closely approximate the real ones I own) for quick everyday paractice when I just don’t have time to get to the range on a regular basis. It’s easy enough to pick one up several times a day and take a quick dozen or so shots that I would otherwise not be doing with my real guns. Some of the better quality airgun replicas of regular handguns can be quite realistic to practice with and contribute to your overall skill development.

  8. I just had an unpleasant thought:

    We would all be in a world of hurt if the supply of firearms was being depleted intentionally by Leftist groups with deep pockets, encouraging citizens to purchase guns from retailers so that they could be turned in to said Leftist groups for a small profit. We saw something like that during the reign of El Presidente Sí Se Puede, when government agencies bought up outrageous amounts of ammunition.

    I know, I know. Another wild tinfoil hat story. But can you blame a guy for thinking that way?

  9. When the Commie politicians handcuffed the cops and let the thugs run loose it had to happen. Lots of people saw that vid with the mom and 3 year old trapped in her car by a Fredricksburg mob while 911 told her she was on her own. Frightened people are desperate, dangerous people. Add kids to protect and mild mannered moms grow fangs and claws while they send hubby out for the axes and boomsticks.
    The Lefties are thoughtlessly sowing the wind and the Bible gives clear warning about that ending.

  10. @B_B ~ you picking up on this?

    “Some of the better quality airgun replicas of regular handguns can be quite realistic to practice with and contribute to your overall skill development.”

    seriously, I never knew airguns to have much recoil, let alone the report or velocity of an actual handgun. I can actually see the ‘projectiles’ from an airgun travelling to hit the target …. can’t seem to do that w/ an actual handgun

    … like playing Cowboys & Indians w/ rubber-cupped arrows

    maybe I should start off w/ a nerf gun ….


    I’ve used them and they never felt right. For dry fire I use a laser cartridge that on hammer impact produces a beam visible to the neked eye so you can see where your shooting. Seems to work pretty good.

  12. This really sucks.
    My Uncle Sam gave me $1200 to buy a new gun, what I want has been out of stock, since forever.
    I got guns, I want that gun.

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