Florida hospital system CEO says ICUs are stocked, fully prepared, and NOT overwhelmed

Washington Examiner-

The CEO of one of Florida’s largest healthcare providers says it has the intensive care unit capabilities to handle the recent uptick in coronavirus-positive tests.

“We have adequate personal protective equipment,” AdventHealth CEO Terry Shaw said. “We have a stockpile of ventilators, and we have an amazing clinical team that have taken best practices from around the world and put them into our treatment protocols.”

Shaw says ICU capacities in his hospital system are running between 85%-90% capacity, and they are prepared to make more space if needed, according to Spectrum News 13.

Shaw’s comments come as Florida’s coronavirus case total rose by more than 12,000 on Monday, in part due to increased testing, sparking headlines from many media outlets such as CNN and the Daily Beast suggesting that the situation is out of control and decrying Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis’s mitigation strategies. more here

8 Comments on Florida hospital system CEO says ICUs are stocked, fully prepared, and NOT overwhelmed

  1. Idiotic Media ASSumption:
    Every case requires hosptalization, which is Horse Feathers.The media’s job is to spread panic against non JackAsses. There is no truth in news.

  2. Saw a report where the numbers are inflated in Florida. A 94% positive was corrected to 9.4% and there were other similarly incorrect claims. Incompetence, downright falsehoods or probably both

  3. If the goal is to keep hospitals from being overwhelmed then why don’t the “experts” make HCQ + Z-Pak widely available for those who catch the chinese flu during the first few days when it has the greatest positive impact?

    Silly question, I know. You will DIE if you take it. Well, my plan should I fall ill and suspect the chinese flu, is to immediately hit up as many doctors as needed and raise holy hell until I get HCQ. I refuse to fart around funding their system just because of shitbags that hate Trump.

  4. This is a little off topic, but… I live in Georgia, we have been fairly open for a while, and the death and hospitalization numbers flatlined a while ago, but suddenly this week lots of stores and municipalities around me have mandated mask wearing. What the HELL is going on???

  5. These numbers are so overinflated that they’re ridiculous although with the increased number of cases reported the mortality rate has dropped into flu like levels.


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