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Florida: Laura Loomer (R) making a big splash as an outsider candidate

Just The News: Laura Loomer – the Florida congressional candidate dubbed “the Republicans’ AOC” – is emerging from outsider candidate to legitimate contender, based on recent fundraising numbers. 

Loomer’s campaign raised $204,786 in the first quarter of 2020, according to April filings with the Federal Election Commission, bringing her total to nearly $600,000 — significantly more than her eight GOP primary rivals combined, according to the New York Post.

The 26-year-old Loomer got the name “Republicans’ AOC” from GOP strategist Roger Stone, who’s comparing her to political provocateur and freshman New York Democratic Rep. Alexenadria Ocasio-Cortez.

“She’s young. She’s energetic. She’s feisty. She’s anti-establishment, and she has an enormous national following, as does AOC, which can help finance a congressional race,” Stone told The Post. more



9 Comments on Florida: Laura Loomer (R) making a big splash as an outsider candidate

  1. I’m happy to have kicked in a few bucks. A House with 30 or 40 Loomers and Jordan as Speaker would kick ass.

  2. MMin


    She and Jordan are Ronny Gp!
    Were the “Bakersfield Bolshevik” honest he’d admit he is in the wrong party! It is no wonder he was picked by GWB and Ryan!

  3. Loomer the complete polar opposite of AOC. Maybe if Loomer was in a bad accident and lost 95% of her mental functions would she be comparable to AOC.

  4. Christopher Steele claimes five months ago that he had meticulously documented proof of all the stuff he put in the dossier.

    Guess what? Now he’s claiming that somehow the proof got deleted from his emails by some unfortunate accident and so he won’t be able to provide the proof (that he absolutely had) due to this unfortunate accident.

    321 until the DOJ lets him off scot free because , because, because, i don’t know why, but they will come up with a reason.

  5. Way to go, Laura. She has gained so much popularity since she was banned from Twitter. I think her willingness to confront “those who must be obeyed” has endeared her to all of us patriots. She makes people cringe at her boldness, but after all, she is their boss. They work for us and she is just giving them their “anual review”. Now we have to join her to “fire” these incompetent employees!

  6. Wasn’t she the one who found Hillary at Costco signing her books behind stacks of toilet paper? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. Q-

    I assure you – the day after GWB is cuffed and perp walked Steel will be as well.

    Until GWB is held accountable the rest of his “Swamp” “Deep State” folk fear not. The UNIPARTY has been doing a good job of self protecting for 30 years. Do not hold your breath.

    STeel is not directly a Bush man; but Brennan, Clapper, Comey,….are! And they worked with him to get Don!

  8. I guess I understand why Stone analogized her to Cortez, but he could have used about 100 other examples of better people to illustrate his point. She’s absolutely NOTHING like cortez in any of the ways that actually matter.


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