Florida man arrested after girlfriend falls off hood of pickup truck

Why was she on the hood of Florida Man’s truck? Because she’s Florida Man’s girlfriend, that’s why.

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  1. “…The woman did not want Luna to leave and jumped on the hood of Luna’s pickup truck as he attempted to leave the scene…”

    So where is the woman’s complicity in this incident? If she jumps on the hood, it’s not his responsibility to physically remove her from it. She put herself in this situation and whatever happens as a result, is on her.

  2. Just right off hand, I’d say neither one of them is particularly high on the evolutionary scale.

  3. Dog rides in the cab and the ATV goes in the bed, so I can see how that could happen.

  4. She’s lucky, ole Mitt would have put her on the hood of his vehicle and drove her to Canada!

  5. stirrin the pot- Exactly! I kept reading to see if she would be charged, too. First of all, you can’t throw yourself on someone’s vehicle to prevent them from leaving. She doesn’t have a badge or a warrant, and she isn’t Mannix.

  6. At least he’s not a looter.

    Looters and child molestors occupy the bottom rung of society, alongside obama, biden, clinton, kerry and pelosi and feinstein.

  7. @stirrin the pot and @mja You two haven’t heard that personal responsibility went out of fashion way before the Bill of Rights did? Nobody does that anymore.

  8. FTA: The woman was taken to Mariners Hospital in Tavernier and then airlifted at approximately 8 p.m. to Jackson South Medical Center in Miami via Trauma Star where she remained Friday in serious, but stable condition with injuries to her head.

    Injuries to her head? Going out on a limb, but I’m guessing that’s a preexisting condition. He walks.

  9. @The-Mamomma

    Well, according to that (tongue in cheek) logic, the driver has no personal responsibility either. Nobody is responsible for their actions. Welcome to a democrat/progressive/socialist/communist world.

  10. Thank for for watching this latest installment of Florida Man. We’ll be back with more adventures soon!

  11. @stirrin the pot You are not wrong. No one is responsible, so people look to the all-powerful administrative state or big corporations to keep them “safe.”

  12. Man, I hate it when that happens!
    I got girls throwing themselves at me all the time – and, yeah, sometimes they jump on the hood of the Mercedes.
    Naked, clothed – doesn’t matter.

    Rather have em naked – hate it when buttons or zippers scratch the paint.

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