Florida may drop ties to businesses linked to Venezuela

Jamaica Observer: TALLAHASSEE, Florida (AP) — Amid an escalating political crisis in Venezuela, Florida may sever its connections to businesses that support the South American country’s current government.

Governor Rick Scott on Wednesday announced that he will ask the trustees of Florida’s pension plan to go along with a proposal that targets businesses helping the regime of President Nicolas Maduro.

He and other Florida politicians, including US Senator Marco Rubio, have been highly critical of Maduro in the past few months.

Scott announced the plan the same day that pro-government militias wielding wooden sticks and metal bars stormed congress and began attacking opposition lawmakers during a special session coinciding with Venezuela’s independence day.  more here

6 Comments on Florida may drop ties to businesses linked to Venezuela

  1. I’m with JPM. There should be no taxpayer monies involved in Venezuela, ever, in any way.
    I notice Gov. Scott couldn’t be bothered until Venezuelan LAWMAKERS were affected.
    ‘Professional courtesy’, as the Shark said to the drowning Lawyer.

  2. jpm, if Florida gases up the state vehicle fleet at Citgo, that could be a dig hit to Venezuela’s regime if Florida quits. I’m just guessing here.

  3. Critical the past few months???? What was the tipping point?

    Who knows what biz we’re doing with them. It’s Florida, the Sunshine State, home of the Mariel boatlift, Fanjul sugar monopoly, cocaine wars, Miami banks money laundering.
    It’s Florida…. we’re open for business, all types.

  4. This seems like changing deck chairs on the Titanic. No matter what Florida does, that socialist state will collapse. They might be able to delay it for a few days, nothing more.

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