Florida men brawl in courtroom after guilty verdict

KFI: A melee broke out in a courtroom in Ocala, Florida after four men were found guilty of murdering a man in 2016. After the verdicts were announced by the jury, Travis Davis started to attack his defense attorney Daniel Hernandez. The entire brawl was caught on grainy surveillance camera footage.

After Davis started throwing punches at Hernandez, Kelvon Grimmage, joined in while deputies struggled to break up the fight. Officers used tasers to subdue Davis, Grimmage and the third defendant Branden J.M. Banks. The fourth defendant, Kiila Tyrell Richardson, was being led out by police when the fight broke out and was not involved.   more here

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  1. so 4 troglodytes, one named ‘Kiila’ (can’t make this shit up) go on a rampage … wow! what a surprise …. bet the judge tacked on a BIG penalty for that! … probably double secret probation w/ no private massage privileges for a year!

  2. Convicted of 1st Degree Murder, so “Kelvon” and “Kiila” assault their Public Defender.

    It’s almost like they don’t respect the Law.


  3. Yea Bro… I am running Tough Dog
    Security vid sys. 2.4megpix getting
    ready to upgrade to 4.0megpix HD! Cameras
    seem to be rugged so far.Zoom in-n-out fo real!
    Got a gimble PTZ camera for the radio tower @
    80′. 30x optical zoom.1800′ frickin’ feet in the dark.

  4. I don’t need HIGH resolution to see what I saw.

    There were many FLAWED things in that vid.

    For one? A DH (that is DICKHEAD) defending attorney that did not uuuh …defend himself.

    And the vid went ‘dark’ when the perp got away from the person with their arms around him. IOW how did he even get this far with the possibility of MURDER conviction.

    More problems with, if high profile case PACK courtroom with police.

    Where was he when he was awaiting for trial. At effing home watching TV? NFL? (I KNOW not in season…)

    Officer trying to get over table?


    Then put into the stocks…so everyone can slap him in his face until he bleeds.

  5. Why does the news always refer to assaults as “fights” as if it is some kind of mutually combative situation?


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