Florida mother of two receives notice to get vaccinated or face eviction: I was ‘very shocked’

FOX: A South Florida mother of two told “Fox & Friends” Friday she was “very shocked” to receive a notice from her landlord to get vaccinated within two weeks or face eviction from her apartment.

“There was no loophole, no working with me, no extensions and I literally had to walk away,” said Jasmine Irby, saying she was concerned about having an eviction on her record if she could not get the shot in time.

“It was either get the shot or get out,” she told host Pete Hegseth, adding she’s still looking for another place to live. 

The South Florida landlord is requiring tenants over the age of 18 who want to renew their lease to provide proof of a COVID-19 vaccination.

Santiago Alvarez, a landlord who manages 1,200 units, said that although he will he would face a fine from Gov. Ron DeSantis over the mandate, he will not change his mind.

According to Fox 10 News, “the landlord also requires his employees be fully vaccinated” and implemented the policy after a number of residents died of the virus. MORE

10 Comments on Florida mother of two receives notice to get vaccinated or face eviction: I was ‘very shocked’

  1. You can’t be evited if you don’t pay rent but can be if you refuse to be a crazy joe mandated government Guinea Pig! Stranger than fiction!

  2. It sounded like she was the only one in her building to get this ultimatum, if so it looks like to me she might have a legit discrimination suit.

  3. Read a story about a guy who got evicted from his apartment. Right before he left, he caught every cat in the neighborhood and then locked them in the apartment with a huge open bag of cat food and a bathtub filled with water, but didn’t provide a litter box. When the landlord came by to inspect the place a couple of days later — well, you can just imagine what he found. “Unlivable” would be putting it mildly.

  4. One week before the eviction, sublet to some newly minted US citizens from Trashcanistan.
    They’ll never get them out.

  5. If the “Mandate” isn’t in your lease agreement then It can’t be enforced! If you leave for work and your property is removed..then those who remove it can be charged with theft..


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