Florida ‘Muslim-free’ gun shop owner wins discrimination suit

WaTimes: A federal discrimination lawsuit filed by a Muslim activist group against a Florida gun retailer owner who declared his shop a “Muslim-Free Zone” has been dismissed.

U.S. District Judge Beth Bloom ruled that Florida Gun Supply owner Andy Hallinan’s sign was protected by the First Amendment, and the activists couldn’t prove they were injured by the action, a local NBC affiliate reported.  MORE

5 Comments on Florida ‘Muslim-free’ gun shop owner wins discrimination suit

  1. Whut the world needs is a really big batch of Muzlim Freezone® to rid the planet of its ass warts!
    Then we can all smoke that really good 5 cent cigar!

  2. The thing is, the holder of an FFL is solely responsible for who he sells a gun to. ANY reason an FFL dealer feels the transaction is not wise and safe, he doesn’t have to sell. Most dealers embrace the background check, it protects them and the public as well. It is very difficult to obtain one, you don’t put it in liability lightly.
    The ATF will back this up. A dealer has many customers, you develop a sense about who your customers are. If they show an interest in the weapons, what is best, what is most reliable, even what is safest around kids, we usually openly deal with them. As for ammo, they want the most effective there is for self and loved ones protection.
    Those who are only interested in a cheap ‘9’ that can shoot a lot of crap ammo, we get a good idea about them as well.
    I denied selling because it didn’t feel right, had copied his DL and he had passed the background check, still wouldn’t sell.
    He left in a huff yelling threats, I called the ATF and gave them the info, an agent showed up and got a copies of the DL and the 4473, we have to keep all forms filed, whether they got the weapon or not.
    A week later the ATF called, turned out the whole ID was bogus, the address on the DL turned out to be a long closed drive in theater. They went looking, don’t know if they found him.
    I will be the first to admit not all dealers are so fastidious about who they sell to, those who are keep an eye out for the others and report them, there is no thin blue line among gun dealers.
    They aren’t selling cakes or pizza, eh?

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