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Florida School Apologizes For Offering Field Trip To Only Black Students

All lives matter.

That was the lesson learned the hard way by a North Port, Florida middle school after it arranged a field trip for only black students.

Officials at the Heron Creek Middle School scheduled the trip to see a performance by black musicians. However, it was only offer to black students.

mlk facepalm

That’s a great way to fulfill Dr. King’s dream. no?

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27 Comments on Florida School Apologizes For Offering Field Trip To Only Black Students

  1. to be fair, it was probably done so to keep the white kids from having the shit kicked out of them once isolated at a black concert

  2. The white kids were all in the library, so the black administrators had no clue where to look for them.

  3. If I were a student that would be absolutely fine with me. That way I wouldn’t be called a racist for saying I won’t go.

  4. imagine the reverse. a white only concert. heads would roll
    and people would lose their jobs, they would not get away with an apology. just your typical double standards, which if it weren’t for double standards leftists and blacks would have none.

  5. The parents should sue the school for reverse racism – just to make a point.

  6. “Dat niggah jus got knocked dafuq out …”

    Gotta love it.

  7. Not “reverse” racism – just straight up racism.
    “Racism” isn’t a “white” phenomenon, so there’s no “reverse” to it.

  8. Yea and that’s got to be the worst left hand I’ve ever seen.

  9. Isn’t it always amazing that people in charge can’t foresee an effect of their actions? Or are they just liars who fake remorse when caught?

  10. I enjoyed the heck out of that.
    That guy looks like a LEO by the way he holds his hands in between lectures on manners.
    My Old Man used to say “No matter how tough you are, there’s always somebody a lot tougher coming down the street”
    That Old Bastard was always right.

  11. a bunch of feel good bureaucrats posing as educators got together and they all thought it was a good idea until word got out and people (the wrong people) complained.

  12. I wonder what sort of music the musicians were playing. Perhaps the kids were better off NOT being invited if it was some sort of (C)rap concert.

  13. Where is the hue and cry?
    Where are the pitchforks and torches?
    No Hunger Strike?
    You mean nobody’s losing their job?
    No freaking out and breaking stuff?
    No slogans for T shirts? Like: “For Your Ears Only” or “I’m White, not Invisible!”

    No Riots?
    What are we, civilized?

  14. I think that is what bugs me most about these school related idiotocrisies is that the school board or principals do not look around and learn anything from all the other stupid mistakes that their peers have made. they just bumble along and do stupid stuff too.

  15. That was HILARIOUS! And well deserved. I like how the thug’s friend was just standing around and then left like – Well, see you guys later.

  16. I love the way the imbecile gets all whoozy after the second punch but STILL comes back for more ass whuppin’!

  17. The saddest thing is, I picture MLK looking down from heaven, smacking his forehead (like the photo) and saying, “Did you imbeciles hear a single thing I said? I sacrificed my life for THIS?”

  18. FINE – you guys just pile on me then!!! 🙂

  19. Just set up a field trip to a book store. No need to say “Whites Only” because it will be.

  20. To Hell with Brown v. Board of Education (Topeka). They’re bringing back Plessy v. Ferguson (1896).

  21. check out the nonpology:

    “We learned from this. We are sorry if we hurt people’s feelings,” Gruhl said. “Now everyone has a chance to go.”


    “we learned to keep tighter control of our programs and we’re sorry of the crackas and slants got butthurt.

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