Florida: St. Petersburg police dept. will end police response to non-violent calls, social service worker will show up instead

But how could they know that a non-violent call won’t end up violent?

BPR: A police department in one Florida city is making major changes to how non-violent emergency calls will be handled.

The St. Petersburg Police Department announced that members of a newly-created “social service agency” will now be responding to calls dealing with issues like suicides, drug overdoses and mental health concerns.  Chief of Police Anthony Holloway and Democratic Mayor Rick Kriseman announced the changes in a news release on Thursday.

“Change is coming to St. Pete Police Department,” Holloway said during a Thursday press conference, explaining that the police department had had discussions with various faith and community groups, as well as protesters and union officials in the wake of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis.

“After all those conversations, we had one common goal. That common goal is very simple: Our citizens are asking for change. The City of St. Petersburg and the police department is ready for that change,” he said.

The new program, which is scheduled to take effect on October 1, was made possible by reallocating funds that were initially meant to hire 25 new officers to the department. Instead, the police department “will lose $3,125,000 in federal grant funding awarded to pay for the new officers and $3,800,000 the City had earmarked in matching funds required by the grant,” according to the press release. more

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  1. …I wonder if they’ll class Domestic Disputes as “Non Violent” calls.

    Because they can START that way…

  2. …and because all the people suddenly became truthful and honest and perfect judges of every situation, and because violence levels NEVER escalate or break out suddenly, this worked…

  3. …we had a fire call once where a guy set his house on fire, then waited in an upstairs room away from the fire with a rifle until a Lieutenant showed up in a responder vehicle, then started plugging away. Happily he was a crappy shot (or unhappily, as opinions varied about this particular lieutenant), but I suppose were this in present-day St. Pete, THAT call would have initiated as “non-violent”…

  4. oh yeah … this will work

    get ready for it … there’s going to be a shitload of this that will be going on w/ every ‘woke’ city council, county commissioners, mayor, governor in the whole country

    … & there will be a huge escalation of violence … bank on it
    (& those in charge will escalate the oppression of the citizens & demand more of their $$$ to fix it … again)

    ‘I’d rather be judged by 12 than be carried by 6’… AMMO UP!

  5. …will the definiion of “violent” be, eh, “culturally normatively” adjusted based on the race and ethnicity of the perpetrator and/or the victim? Because what White folks from Winter Haven call “Violent” may just be called “dancing” in Miami…

  6. The violence and crime is only going to escalate going into the election, anything goes as long as they can prevent Trump from being re-elected.

  7. So a social worker will get killed when it turns violent, instead of a cop?
    I’ll bt the cops are fond of the idea.

  8. Five words every conservative knows and no liberal ever hears: What could possibly go wrong.

  9. I think that black studies majors (with a minor in social work or woman studies) might be a better fit…

  10. …a family friend is a gal who was a social worker, then got a license and became an embalmer. Said the dead people were more rewarding to work with, and more cooperative too even though she once tilted a 300 pounder too far and got a broken ankle and trapped until someone else could roll him off…

  11. From the article: A civilian “from NAACP, Urban League, Faith Leaders and Leadership St. Petersburg” will be added to the police department’s hiring board as well.

    I cannot wait to watch this shit show.

  12. “Now, don’t make me call in a police officer. I will if you force me to! I mean it! I’ll call f..”


  13. The way I read the article is this decision is being made with some sarcasm (could just be me, as I am tired of this shit). It will be interesting to see how people react once they get what they ask for. I, too, will sit with a bowl of popcorn and plan to be entertained. Hope it is a comedy!

  14. (Continued..)

    911 Operator: “Was it your husband?”

    Lady in labor: “Yes.”

    911 Operator: “Okay, Ma’am, please stay on the line. In several hours, I can send a midwife, a trauma specialist or a marriage counselor. Which would you prefer?”

  15. MJA
    JULY 11, 2020 AT 10:05 PM
    “Hello 911! I’m in labor, my house is on fire and I just shot a man.
    I need a hug.”

    no hugs. Coronavirus.

    …but here’s a nice friendly wave from the other side of your rapidly smoke-darkening window…

  16. If life was fair, it would be the idiots on the city council that would be required to answer these ‘non-violent’ calls.

  17. The lyrics don’t work.

    Bad boys bad boys
    What you gonna do
    When librarian John Brown
    Come for you

  18. After several of the “social workers” get their clocks cleaned by hallucinating druggies or enraged husbands
    they will start demanding a police escort to work. If the cops are ordered to “escort” them it defeats the stupid purpose. Once the “please calm downers” realize their danger, those positions will stay open for a long time.

  19. This is merely an introduction for when the liberals assume control and they will easily install their Brown Shirts to ramrod ALL power over the masses.

    Their NUMBER ONE item will be elimination of the 2nd Amendment.

  20. This is the stupid utopian mindset in action. These people have wildly misjudged human nature. They have the mistaken idea that if you treat someone with (their idea of) kindness, respect, and gentleness the person will naturally come around and do what they should. Wrong. Psychopaths, narcissists, people strung out on drugs, people who think they are OK to do what they want because somebody “dissed” them, are all going to do whatever they want. People are corrupt inside. Most of us control this, but some don’t. No amount of liberal coddling will get them to behave. That’s why we invented handcuffs, pepper spray, tear gas, Tasers, nightsticks, and firearms. Because sometimes you have to force people to comply.

  21. Our Social Worker son is coming today for his birthday, now we have a topic for conversation! *His facility has never had enough money to run effectively. He’s about half staffed now in the State Capital. Will he look at this as a welcomed funding as the hospital conglomerate massively underfunds? Especially since the covid1984…to be continued. 35ish years ago they closed the menatal institutions and traumatized this kid because those without family who cared were dumped onto the street out of compassion. Thanks Democrats!
    Now they are turning loose criminals, nothing new under the sun. Create crisis to solve, they shouldn’t go to waste.

  22. Hahahahaha!! (Traffic stops are “non-violent”…)

    Take a look at what DCF (Florida’s CPS) actually hires for its field workers. Not even trained “social workers” but folks who are former burger flippers, bartenders, supermarket checkers, construction laborers, etc. who are taught “protocols” in which their essential jobs are asking questions and filling out the required forms.

    This is going to be a mess.

  23. Thank God that I never became a Social Worker. I did intern as a Probation/Parole Officer with the Wash. State Dept. of Corrections though, maybe I should have pursued that. I could be retired with a decent pension by now but I’m not going to second guess how my life turned out. I did well raising 3 kids and staying married for 35 + years until my wife died so I have had a good life. I would’ve made a miserably lousy social worker because I don’t suffer politically correct bullshit lightly.

  24. The solution is simple, just arm the social workers. Social workers would never shoot anybody like those awful terrible malicious mean cops right?

  25. Can you imagine Rush’s fabled All American Amazon Brigade of goody two shoe Karens, all on the rag at the same time coming to your front door. “Sorry buddy, you’re under arrest just because we don’t like you and everything you do offends us.” “Give up if you know what’s good for you. or else we’ll make your life hell.”

  26. “But how could they know that a non-violent call won’t end up violent?”

    They’ll let their crime scene investigators make that determination later.

  27. Here’s one way this might work out: after a slew of non-violent calls turn violent, social service workers will have the authority to make arrests. If that (in all likelihood) doesn’t stop the violence, they will receive weapons training and will carry firearms. Eventually, they will wear blue uniforms and badges so they can be easily identified to each other and to the public. Some will carry AR-15s, and form into groups called SWAT teams and have APC’s mounted with machine guns.

    But they dare not call themselves “police”.

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