Florida Supreme Court Shoots Down Proposed Assault Weapon Ban

Dan Bongino: Things haven’t gone as planned for Florida liberals pushing for an unconstitutional constitutional amendment.

The Florida Supreme Court on Thursday axed a proposed constitutional amendment to ban possession of so-called “assault-style weapons” from the 2020 ballot. The amendment itself was an effort from survivors of the 2018 Parkland school shooting, who did have some earlier success in changing Florida’s gun laws. Most notably, Florida had raised the age to purchase firearms from 18 to 21 and banned bump stocks. https://bongino.com/florida-supreme-court-shoots-down-proposed-assault-weapon-ban

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  1. And this is the flaw in their plan, the fly in their ointment. That can’t even get rid of guns in California.

  2. DeSantis is doing a pretty good job. So is Kemp, my governor. They told us we were all going to die because Kemp and DeSantis dared to tell Fauci and Brix to fuck off with their bullshit models and opened up our economies. Fuck their bullshit science. Sorry for the language, but I get pissed sometimes.

  3. Good call. Next time a lib says “You don’t need a gun for protection, we have the police” remember this: All over America completely unqualified, politically correct, affirmative action democrat Governors, Mayors, and Police Chiefs decided to stand down, not confront, or pull back all together. One completely stupid aunt Jamima said “I’m not putting my troops in harm’s way.” Oh, and how many times were police not available because so many of them were concentrated in a hot zone while an entire Obama family tree was headed your way? As long as we have feral Obama relatives, political correctness, and Affirmative Action, every one of us needs an arsenal during a riot.

  4. From what I can tell, it’s only because of unclear wording. Not because of any constitutional point.

    Not really encouraged about it. Like ducking a bullet by accident. Good for now, but more are coming.

  5. @dadof4, there will always be an assault on the second Ammendment. I take whatever victories I can get. I score this as a win.

  6. Current Headlines,

    “Seattle Bans Teargas”

    The stupidity is amazing. If ya don’t have teargas to use as a defensive weapon, you’re most likely reaching for your G U N.

  7. The organizers had a setback when their star pom pom boy was caught in a Miami hotel room with another queer and toasted out of his skull on drugs, and on top of that he lost the race for governor.

  8. What they actually shot down was the wording of the ballot summary as misleading about the extent of the wording of the law, not the content of it.

    This is just a temporary delaying tactic by opponents that needs to have it’s wording changed to qualify for the ballot, not an end to the proposal itself as a constitutional violation.

  9. @ Rick JUNE 5, 2020 AT 7:13 PM

    I’m talking about this specific instance. It’s not dead and buried.

  10. When dipshit demtards disband the police force, we’re gonna need semi-automatic rifles in EVERY law-abiding citizen’s hands like NEVER before. 😮 😮 😮


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