Florida Suspends Gas Tax To Save Driver’s Money at the Pump

Tatum Report: Gas prices continue to climb as inflation continues to push prices up. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will act to suspend the state’s gas tax. DeSantis announced on Monday along with the state legislature to provide $1 billion in relief to drivers.

DeSantis made the announcement at a Buc-ee’s in Daytona Beach. During his speech, he noted how the price of a Thanksgiving dinner rose 20% this year. He also called out the “inflammatory prices out of Washington.”

According to the American Automobile Association, the average price of a gallon of gas in Florida jumped 10 cents last week to $3.36 per gallon. This is the highest price Floridians have paid since September 2014. DeSantis said the price of gas is $1.31 more than this time last year.

DeSantis noted that this was a massive burden on working-class families, especially blue-collar workers and people on a fixed income. The government could alleviate the problem by suspending the gas tax. more

11 Comments on Florida Suspends Gas Tax To Save Driver’s Money at the Pump

  1. A couple of days ago leftists were blasting DeSantis because the tax rate was set to increase. By a half cent. Because of previous legislation signed by a Democrat governor. So this is a great troll on his part.

  2. Cool! I’m leaving for Pensacola to see family, this morning.
    Could use the break from O-bye-dun’s “Buildbackbedder.”

  3. Beachmom – Yeah, cuz getting COVID at the pump is like getting pregnant from the toilet seat! This is ABSOLUTE proof that they are using this as a power play over the people!!

  4. If Jay Inslee the governor of Washington State were to suspend our high gas taxes Hell would certainly freeze over and all the lefties would throw a major league snit with lots of violence and mayhem aimed at everyone who would benefit from such an occurrence. It ain’t gonna happen but I can dream. And FJI, LGB & FJB, BUCK FIDEN etc!

  5. Makes great sense. How about having the gas tax automatically move in the opposite direction of prices, whether up or down. No reduction in state highway funds overall, but consumers get more stable prices. Just a (way out there) suggestion.

  6. Inslee is a REgressive POS consumed with exerting control over us rubes but the weird thing is, compared to the other 2 west coast govs, he comes off as the least insane.

    Which is small comfort but just call me Mr Silver Lining

  7. Thank you and God bless Governor DeSantis!

    I hope the headlines splash all over the country FLORIDA SUSPENDS GAS TAX TO SAVE DRIVERS MONEY.

    Turn the screws on FJB and every governor in every state.

    Now we need to put USA back into energy production.

  8. DeSantis is a boss while *Biden is a pants-shitting meatpuppet for the fascist Deep State.

    I’d like to see DeSantis next remove Florida’s moratorium on west coast offshore drilling. For one thing, put the rigs far enough offshore (10+ nm) and you won’t even see them, so that nixes the “NIMBY eyesore” factor. It would also see an immediate drop in oil futures pricing. Best of all, it would be a master troll promoting energy independence whilst the *Biden Admin’s creates energy dependence on foreign oil & Fake Green Energy.

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