Florida Woman catches 17-foot python

The python was measured at 17 feet and 3 inches. The record for the district is 17 feet and 7 inches.

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  1. I saw that the mouth is taped, but why wear it like that? Don’t they like to hug things? 🤣 Did they drug it? Yeesh. If anyone here regularly plays with snakes, let me know. lol

  2. MJ – mouth is taped to keep it from biting the handler. When pythons bite (most likely the arm), they bite, latch on and start wrapping their body around the arm. That is no picnic, let me tell you. Had to help unwrap a 14 footer from a coworker when I worked at the wildlife rehab center. And this was after I warned her not to open his habitat to get his water bowl. You know how women don’t listen…I kid, I kid! 😉

    I bet it was an escaped pet. For her to handle it like that (unless it was dead) it seems fairly docile in the second pic.

  3. They’re a huge environmental problem down here that’s why they pay hunters. There’s also lots of other exotic animals running wild. It’s a shame what’s happened and a big strain on native wading birds and other wildlife.

  4. Willysgoat – not so. Burmese are probably the most gentle of all the large pythons. If it was a recently escaped pet, it would have allowed her to handle it like that…seen it many times in the past.

  5. Chuckie….I understand, however she hunts them for a state water management org and it’s my understanding that they bag them and bring them in and then euthanize them. For some reason they can’t just blow their heads off and then bring them in…..I could be and probably am wrong….I dunno. I’ve just watched a few python hunter videos and that’s what they did….

  6. Finding this was pure luck. They were actually looking for missing local pre-schoolers.

  7. Willysgoat – you most likely are right, if they are now euthanizing them. I haven’t seen a python kill video in ages and when I lived in south Florida, most of the guys just used a .22, crossbow pistol or just hacked their heads off. Mind you, this was in the Everglades and this girl was in a residential area, so yeah I can see it being taped up in this scenario.

  8. My Sister told me that she couldn’t sleep with her feet out of the covers because a snake might get her feet and drag her away. What she didn’t know is that’s what I told her when we were kids sharing the same room. She was the most annoying, whining little kid and she followed me everywhere. I never thought she would believe it! Yes, she’s still annoying and whining but thank goodness she has a husband to torture instead of me!

  9. “So what do you do with a python once you’ve caught it?”
    Some killer hooker boots, for starters…

  10. A python might be good for crowd control at one of our peaceful protests. I envision a lot of screaming and running….away.

  11. ^^^indeed, quite a bit of blacksnake THERE by all accounts, but the difference being that it did not come FROM a snake…


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