Florida’s Sheriff Scott Israel Embraced Jihad Extremists to Secure His Own Political Future

Geller Report:

This is how it works in America now. There is no doubt the 9/11 Islamic attacks on America were a profound success.

Speaking of which, this is but another bombshell news story censored and ignored by the jihad-aligned media.


By Russell Di Perna September 30, 2019:

When embattled Broward County, Florida Sheriff Scott Israel was removed from office in January 2019 by new Florida governor Ron DeSantis, Israel claimed that the decision was partisan, that it had nothing to do with his deputies’ disastrous performance during two deadly mass shootings, and that he had provided “amazing leadership” to the Broward County Sheriff’s Office (BSO). Now, the Florida Senate’s special master has recommended that Israel be reinstated, even though the Supreme Court of Florida upheld the governor’s decision to remove him in the first place.

But I was the executive officer of the BSO. And Scott Israel is lying. He neglected police work in favor of politics. The bloody massacres at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in 2017 and the Parkland high school in 2018 were the most visible consequences. But another insidious effect was Sheriff Israel’s willingness to shatter the morale of the BSO by appointing political cronies to key posts — including radicals linked with Islamist extremism.


12 Comments on Florida’s Sheriff Scott Israel Embraced Jihad Extremists to Secure His Own Political Future

  1. Can you name the former Fla Gov who worked for Scott’s election over a decade ago?

    Hint he has been touring America with Bill Clinton in hopes that the Republican (?) he, his clan and Karl told us to vote for Oct 16 will run again!

    Those “conservative” GOP leaders!

  2. Israel is the east coast Lee Baca…


    …and it didn’t end well for Baca, either…


    When you start cozying up to muslims, you’re bound to lose your way. I guess Baca thought he was Barky’s pet dhimmi when he jailed the “inflammatory video” maker after Benghazi.

  3. I’ve never heard of a senate special master. Sounds like the equivalent of a “personnel” position in a corp. Just some liberal asshole who had the position created for them by other liberal assholes.

  4. It just never occurred to Israel that suicide was his best option. Sir, many innocent children were murdered on your watch due to your cowardice.

  5. The horse has already left, no matter how much pomposity you put into the closure ceremony, no body cares. You have revealed under pressure you are as useful as a clam.
    You should be held criminally liable.

  6. I wonder how many other local law enforcement officials have been comprised by riches and power promised to them by jihadists?

    This sort of thing makes my blood run cold.


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