FLOTUS Issues Threat

michelle obama side eye

PatriotRetort: According to the UK Daily Mail, Michelle Obama is threatening to terrorize the world with more global appearances of Her Royal Loudness.

No doubt part of the terror is having to see her in idiotic dresses that scream loudly enough to drown out even an angry Hillary Clinton speech.


What the hell is with these outfits?

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  1. Judging by those outfits it seems to me that she has a real addiction to Cyndi Lauper’s clothes hamper, but not to worry, her venue is dictated by the locations of rest rooms with recessed toilet paper holders large enough to hold a roll of Brawny…

  2. In 18 months she will be a nobody while barry cruises the gay bars in Honolulu………unless she dumps him and comes outa HER closet!!

  3. Cut the funding for the Spruce Moose and kick Mother Robinson out of the door. Savage brought it up today too. Why in the world is she still “squatting” in the White House?

  4. I can explain what it is with those outfits.

    Michelle Obama is a gauche, vulgar, clueless cow who has no sense of style or propriety. She is consistently drawn to clothes that do not flatter her on any level–body, coloring, type of event.

    As a Size 24, I admit that I need to hit the gym too. But I NEVER leave the house looking like Omar the Tentmaker just got back from a really bad acid trip. I dress in such a way as to conceal what needs concealing, and play up what is still appealing.

  5. “Her clothes look like a blend of Disney and Dr. Seuss.”

    I was thinking more a sartorial design collaboration of Pee Wee Herman and Ed Grimley.

    Sort of an ‘inversion’ of the “Big Top” thing.

  6. Well, as one of the nation’s leading DemoFats, she owes it to her party to share her tackiness with the world.

    Obviously, she’s stopped listening to the people who had to teach her how to dress. She’s become the fashion equivalent of little barry as a speaker when he’s off-teleprompter.

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