Flowers on the Wall – Home Free

Really entertaining.

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  1. That gave me a smile, though for a different reason. They sing a song that promotes cigarettes. Cancel them now!!!
    Yup, being sarcastic, and most of you who have been paying attention know that I am never sarcastic.

  2. I miss the simpler times of watching Captain Kangaroo first thing early in the morning on our old Westinghouse B&W TV. Flowers On The Wall was always my favorite Statler Bros. song.

  3. @geoff
    I remember having to build a tent over the old B&W TV on Saturday mornings to be able to watch cartoons. To much sun in the east windows to see the faded picture.
    I’ve let my granddaughters watch old Looney Tunes, every time Willie falls off the cliff they go “Ohhhhh”.
    Would you like one lump or two?
    Would this work for protesters?

  4. Of course you know that Pete Puma was voiced by the late great Stan Freberg. Protesters would only get one splat unlike Wile E Coyote who keeps doing it over and over again. I still laugh whenever I see him falling off a cliff or blowing himself up with a never ending supply of ACME products.

  5. I never cared for thesong until this version. Really nice. Wish good music was still the norm.

    Plus, those young men are really easy to watch.

  6. You have got to see the video of Adam Rupp’s solo.
    He sounds like he swallowed a drum kit for breakfast. I believe he also holds two world titles in the vocal percussionist competition.
    Tim Foust’s vocal range is amazing, and to hear his bass in person… wow!
    A few other good ones are their covers of Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget, The End of the Road, their “Butt’s” remix and the theme from Zootopia.
    Honestly, I love all their music but those are a few of my top picks.
    For some “cuteness”, you should see their head to head competition when they were competing on The Voice.
    They did the theme from Caddy Shack and Rob Lundquist (guy with the beard) had a funny part.
    Sorry for the rambling, I just love Acapella groups.

  7. Great arrangement. We used to do this in my bluegrass band. My favorite line is “Smoking cigarettes and watching Captain Kangaroo” because that’s what I used to do when I was eight.


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