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“Flush Target” sets out to challenge Target’s bathroom policy

Target Already Had a Solution for Transgender Persons—

Our opposition to Target’s policy is not about transgender persons.  Its comes from the fact that Target’s policy opens the door for sexual predators to take advantage of women and children.  Most Target stores currently have unisex bathrooms.  These bathrooms are available to individuals who self-identify as transgender persons.  But this was not good enough for Target. Target had to show they were “progressive” and “politically correct”, even if it meant endangering women and children!

On April 19, 2016, Target Corporation announced that people are welcome to use the bathrooms and fitting rooms of their choice, regardless of their biological gender. Under Target’s new policy, a man can decide to visit the women’s bathroom or fitting room whenever he chooses. No one can stop him. Besides defying common sense, Target’s decision puts guests at risk.   History has shown this is one of the ways sexual predators get access to their victims.  more

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  1. I had already decided that I would shop at Target less than before but not stop altogether, and that when I did visit I would stage my own “protest movement” by going to the rest room and not flushing. Yeah, childish – but somehow satisfying.

    Now that Target mgt has added fitting rooms to the Anything Goes list, I’ll just go to one of those and take a leak in the corner.

  2. I stopped going there way back When they wouldn’t allow the Marines to
    collect donations for needy children. I believe they are French owned,send all their money back.Squeakers. Just about anything they sell you can get elsewhere.

  3. It’s up to you men HERE ON THIS SITE to march into the women’s bathrooms and changing rooms to prove our point that women simply don’t want men in our private public spaces. The women will complain to the management. Also, you should be prepared to meet irate protective husbands, fathers and boy friends. Get back to us about how it goes. I suggest you call the press if you want cameras there.

    Even if the men are trans, we simply do not want men in our spaces.

    “Transsexual” was removed from being a mental illness diagnosis only a couple years ago. WHY? Obama.

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