“Fly, my pretties, fly!” Hundreds of Thousands of Service Workers Planning Anti-Trump Labor Strike – IOTW Report

“Fly, my pretties, fly!” Hundreds of Thousands of Service Workers Planning Anti-Trump Labor Strike

Breitbart: Hundreds of thousands of service workers are planning an anti-Trump labor strike for May 1, BuzzFeed reported Saturday.

Nearly 350,000 workers plan to strike President Trump’s agenda on International Workers’ Day on May 1.

More than 300,000 food chain workers and 40,000 unionized service workers will walk off the job that day, according to a coalition of groups leading the strike.  MORE

SNIP: Hopefully they’ll take the opportunity to install the self-serve food kiosks that day.

22 Comments on “Fly, my pretties, fly!” Hundreds of Thousands of Service Workers Planning Anti-Trump Labor Strike

  1. Compared to a live maid, I suspect that a robot could do just as good or even a better job of artfully folding the tag end of the toilet paper roll in my hotel bathroom.

  2. May day for socialists and communists.
    Since all the manufacturing jobs left the US because of Union strikes, slow-downs, corruption, benefits and salaries, service jobs are about all that is left. Self serve is on its way.

  3. Yep Cato, It sounds like a communist/socialist celebration. That fits right in with what we call the Democrat Party.

  4. Fire every fucking one of them.
    Political opportunism isn’t part of their “right” to strike.
    They are a plague on America and an insult to the principle of “free” enterprise, rights of association, and “ownership.”

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Doesn’t continuous immigration depress their wages?

  6. And, as we saw with the Day Without Women, things will probably work better without those who would go on such a strike.

  7. “Day Without Immigrants”, February 16: FAIL
    “Day without Women”, March 8: FAIL
    “Day without Burger-flippers”, May 1: Any predictions?

  8. I don’t welcome these folks being replaced by robots and forced self-serve, self-Checkout, etc.

    But apparently they do.

  9. Great day to replace them with American Workers!

  10. Alternate title: “Nonessential Worker Self-identification Program”

  11. Good, they’ll all be within one area. Never let a protest go to waste.

  12. Anybody need a job?
    Go April 25 to any place that you expect to see affected by the walkout on May 1st.
    Hand in an application that has written in Red Sharpie all across the top:
    “I don’t take days off to protest against my Employers” and your phone number.
    May 1st, in the afternoon, You will be called for an interview.

  13. I’d say, “Replace them with robots,” but they are already robots.

  14. Ah, wafting marijuana at the EBT swap meet. Good times all around.

  15. Minimum $15.00 an hour? How about $1.50?

  16. How appropriate! On the Soviet holiday of Mayday.

  17. These “workers” groups are all worthy of racketeering charges, particularly SEIU, for all the trouble they cause actual working people. Unions are no longer needed, and should be illegal. Workers in every industry, and even those who are self-employed, should all have equal representation, rights and protections, period. No lobbyists on the payroll of the unions to influence which group of pensioned cronies gets the biggest share of gov’t pork at the expense of the policies voted for by the rest of the country, no nationwide ‘strikes’ from their highly-regulated and insulated jobs to ‘protest’ every time they don’t like something (which is all the time with these guys), no more keeping employees that are proven guilty of crimes on the payroll because they’re unfireable (I’m looking at you, teachers union). No more paying fees for the right to get or even keep a job. Their time has passed. Sometime in the 70’s or 60’s methinks. They’re just more bureaucracy now and the goal of any ‘organization’, once reached, becomes survival of the organization.

  18. Racketeering charges and then hunt down soros who’s
    paying them.

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