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Fly With The Blue Angels With a 360 Degree View

I had no idea they flew this close to one another. These wings are inches from each other.

UPDATE: Click on video, hold and move the cursor.

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  1. The usual air speed in controlled airspace is 250 knots, which is stepping right along.

  2. Sorry. I would love to see a video of them flying, but all I got was a bunch of still photos and a yellow helmet? And a guy ‘splainin’ what they do.WTF?

  3. My uncle was a “Flying Tiger” 77 years ago; later AAF for a few months. Airline Cptn many years. 60 years ago he told me that ALL combat pilots knew the best were from Pensa Cola . (So I of course wanted to got their -big egos run in the clan.) He said Ike and Werner were right to chose Naval Aviators (Glenn was a Fla man). Another kid from West (has been an neighbor for decades) was an AF ace and broke the sound barrier more than any man almost more than #2+#3 combined. A book was written abut his (name in Saxon means “warrior” were fitting fr an ace.) not being chosen. THE RIGHT STUFF
    He may have been slighted by Ike – but Ike’s men all lived! EEOC was a very bad idea fatal for some!

    I have/had many friends from Fla – Cmdr Bill Carmichial from many decades ago to Col Shaun —– still wearing the EG+A! they are the best – bar none!

    Val’s move from about 30 years ago portrayed ’em as cocky – well IMHO they should be cocky! The’rn not just good – they are the best!

  4. an ol ex jarhead. Cocky yes, but not punks ,like wetstart, songbird McCain. Loveem! Semper Fi.

  5. I saw the Blue Angels in 1971. I thought that this video might be 4K, 60 fps, but I was sorely disappointed. Is the Navy really this far behind the times?

  6. I crashed and burned four times….. and I was only watching!

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  7. I grew up in Pensacola (hence the Bayou part of my screen name) and throughout my childhood, watched the Blues fly practice shows from our back yard. If anyone has a chance to visit Pensacola, I encourage you to go to the National Museum of Naval Aviation. When the Navy retired the A-4 Skyhawks used by the Blues and upgraded to the FA-18 Hornet, four of the Skyhawks were place inside the museum in the “Blue Angel Atrium,” suspended from cables in a diamond formation. At the Atrium dedication, it was pointed out that the Skyhawks could NOT be positioned as close as they typically flew together.


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