Flying Drones in Formation is Pretty Amazing

This must sound like hell, that’s why they are playing the tranquil music. But it’s impressive.

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  1. All that stolen technology has been paying off. For all appearances China looks to the world as a rising mega empire while we seem to be on a steady decline.
    The leftist democrats have done immeasurable harm to this country over the decades and it still doesn’t seem that people have fully
    When you ponder where we once were and look at us now it’s discouraging, especially considering how steep a climb we have if we hope to regain our greatness.

  2. When we buy that shit from China, rest assured the GPS and cameras and microphones are transmitting right back to the mothership.

    I picked up a cheap tablet from China for general use around the house for me and kids. Hey $160 versus a comparable $600, it’s a no brainer, right? Without installing anything on it at all, simply booting it up, my adware/malware/virus/scam/porn blocking DNS server denies it access to the mothership 1000s of times in a day should I leave it on. It literally scans itself for new data every minute, wraps that data in a compressed file and tries to upload it. over and over and over again. In digging deeper, it’s trying to send my location information and any account information it can from a hidden key logger as well as all activity I’ve done on the tablet. What a lovely device. Needless to say any accounts I use on it are throw away, plus my blocking DNS won’t let it do the dirty deed – something the majority of people don’t know about or how to do.

  3. Quite impressive.
    The people are staring up just like at a holiday fireworks display.
    With everything that can be done with drones, why would anyone waste their time staring at blasé explosions in the sky anymore?
    The Chinese just destroyed their global fireworks monopoly.


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